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SHI Voices
Rani Jaeger
Video: Israel - Commitment and Criticism
Yehuda Kurtzer
Peoplehood Across The Divide - What Do Jews in Israel and America Owe One Another?
Yehuda Kurtzer
Abraham’s Lesson: Quality Over Quantity in Push for Jewish Continuity
Study With Us
Register for Rabbinical Students Seminar for 2014-2015 09.12.2014
The weekly program with Hartman scholars features interaction among students from different seminaries
Watch Holiday Webinars for Rabbis all Year 09.12.2014
Learn creative new ideas and explore the holidays with the unique Hartman approach to text and the contemporary challenges facing the Jewish community. Register now for Passover with Elana Stein Hain on March 12.
Inside, Outside, In Between: Jewish Peoplehood Today 14.12.2014
The Hartman Westside Synagogue Collaborative Lecture Series
Talking About Israel: Between Jews 25.02.2015
Tal Becker and Jill Jacobs in conversation at the JCC of San Francisco
SHI News
Hevruta Gap-Year Program Launches Website, Releases Video
Watch the new video featuring participants in the first group of Hevruta gap-year program in Jerusalem
Hartman Institute Explores Hanukkah
Take a deeper look at Hanukkah, a holiday often misunderstood, with these articles and video offerings from Shalom Hartman Institute scholars
New iEngage Video Commentary Series
Call & Responsa brings leading North American rabbis into a public and interactive exchange with the iEngage Project’s video lecture series, ‘The Tribes of Israel: A Shared Homeland for a Divided People’
Summer 2015 Dates and Registration Set for Programs at Hartman Campus in Jerusalem
Programs for community and rabbinic leaders from North America, Israel, and elsewhere begin June 23, 2015, and run through July
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