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Video: Israel - Commitment and Criticism
19.12.2014, by Rani Jaeger
Addressing how Jews in Israel and North America balance between their commitment to Israel and their right to criticize its actions and policies This is not a theoretical question but a debate that many of us have on a personal level as well as in our communities and as citizens of the countries that we live in. We will attempt to find a relevant way to address this question through a deep look into generations of Jewish and Zionist thought. read more>
Peoplehood Across The Divide - What Do Jews in Israel and America Owe One Another?
18.12.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The second lecture of "Inside, Outside, In Between," the Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collaborative lecture series read more>
Abraham’s Lesson: Quality Over Quantity in Push for Jewish Continuity
16.12.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
We need to stop stressing about 2.1 children read more>
The Memory of Miracles
09.12.2014, by Micah Goodman
Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles, events that by their nature stretch the limits of reason. How do rational people give meaning to the memory of irrational events? read more>
Conversion, Rabbinic Authority, and Power Imbalance in Orthodoxy
05.12.2014, by Elana Stein Hain
Panel discussion from the JOFA Unconference featuring Elana Stein Hain, Asher Lopatin (RLI I), and Mark Dratch, moderated by Laura Shaw-Frank read more>
Oh, the Humanity
26.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Peace in the Middle East cannot become a reality until we reconnect to our humanity read more>
Terror in Jerusalem: Once Again, the Banality of Evil
26.11.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
recognizing the very banality of this evil may be the most powerful and ethical way to salvage what we can in interpreting and working hard against the forces that keep this terrorism going read more>
The War on the Israeli Home Front
19.11.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Tuesday’s massacre and other recent Palestinian attacks in Jerusalem have been intimate, the terrorism of neighbors read more>
Is the Diaspora Good for the Jews?
19.11.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
An audio recording of a Brookings Institution panel discussion with Yehuda Kurtzer, William Galston, and Alan Wolfe read more>
Four Strategies for a Giving Society
17.11.2014, by Noam Zion
A look at biblical, rabbinic, Christian, Greek, and Maimonidean approaches to fundraising read more>
See Jerusalem’s Challenges and Rabin’s Murder in Context
13.11.2014, by Gil Troy
I am again experiencing the Great Israel Disconnect: do I believe what I read in the newspapers or what I witness daily? read more>
Talking About Israel: Jews and Muslims
13.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
The challenges of Jewish/Muslim dialogue, the role Zionism and Israel plays in interfaith relations, and why rising bigotry is not unique to one faith community, nor one-way read more>
Jewish-Muslim Relations: 1998 Video Interview
03.11.2014, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Herbert Kaplow discusses the issues between the faiths with David Hartman read more>
The Ever-Changing Jews: The Jewish People in the 21st Century
02.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
The first lecture of "Inside, Outside, In Between," the Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collaborative lecture series read more>
Israel and the New Middle East Math
02.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
It is time for us to change the equation and to implement both new language and new policies if we are to shape a New Math in the Middle East read more>
Adapt Conversion to Today’s Judaism
02.11.2014, by Shraga Bar-On
One must enable different Israeli communities to build meaningful conversion processes of their own that will reflect today’s Israeli Jewish community. read more>
Hamas, Gaza, and the Terrorist’s Code of Ethics
12.10.2014, by Alexander Yakobson and Yitzhak Benbaji
It’s difficult to keep military targets away from the civilian population in a densely populated strip of land like Gaza. But any fair discussion of Israel’s combat methods must also take into account Hamas’ contempt for human life read more>
What Are They Doing Here?
12.10.2014, by Marcie Lenk
There are Christian groups and individuals here in the hope of learning about Judaism and supporting Israel, and those are the ones who make Israelis scratch their heads read more>
Can We Create Places for All of Israel’s Tribes?
08.10.2014, by Call & Responsa
V. 1, N. 1 Introduction
Our initial segment features a video of Shalom Hartman Institute President Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman setting out the basic components of ‘Tribes of Israel:rsquo;. How does the first family of the Jewish people become a tribe over the course of the Torah? What does this mean for the Jewish people today? The rabbinic respondents, Daniel Bogard of Anshei Emeth of Peoria, Illinois, and J. Rolando Matalon of B’nai Jeshurun of New York, offer commentary that challenges some of the very concepts of ‘Tribes’
read more>
Concept of ‘Tribes’ Minimizes Enormous Challenges Before Us
07.10.2014, by Call & Responsa
V. 1, N. 1 By J. Rolando Matalon
The concept of tribes as an organizing principle for the diverse communities that form Israel’s mosaic may serve as a reminder of our kinship and of the cohesion we enjoyed for a short time during our nation’s biblical beginnings. But its use in the context of the present masks and minimizes the enormous challenges before us
read more>
Concept of Tribes Helps Us Understand the Contemporary World
07.10.2014, by Call & Responsa
V. 1, N. 1 By Daniel Bogard
I may profoundly disagree with the way that Haredi Jews live their lives and understand our world, but the power in tribal identity is in our collective memory of having once been a family. As long as my particular tribe (American Liberal Jews) can keep the image of Abraham our Ancestor and his family as central in our memories, I am obliged to make room for all of the other tribes of Israel, my fellow family members
read more>
New Year, New Selichot
05.10.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Each year I wonder whether You hear our prayers. Do You listen to the alphabetical list and wonder: How come they moved from bet to gimel so soon, when there are at least four more sins beginning with bet? read more>
At Rosh Hashana: Grief, Fear, Hope
28.09.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
read more>
Teshuva and Heshbon Hanefesh in a Time of Darkness
24.09.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
In an age of divine absence, how can we cultivate a meaningful process of teshuvah that doesn`t force easy answers, and at the same time a culture of heshbon ha-nefesh that isn`t blocked by our impulses to defensiveness? read more>
To Be a Peaceaholic: A New Year’s Resolution
22.09.2014, by Donniel Hartman
As the New Year begins, with its call for honest self-assessment, it is time to recognize that we do not merely have a public relations or image problem but a substantive challenge both within Israel, and in our relationship with our friends read more>
Why I’m Grateful to Feel at Exile in Israel this Rosh Hashana
21.09.2014, by Leon Morris
Making aliyah is proving to also be an opportunity to experience life as an outsider, evoking greater empathy and compassion. Being an immigrant to Israel is a reminder of how most of us are simultaneously insiders and outsiders everywhere we go, finally coming home but feeling in exile read more>
For Israel Engagement on Campus: Coaches, not Cheerleaders
15.09.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
There is a mounting, murmuring anxiety for what awaits Jewish students on college campus this year in the wake of the summer’s war read more>
How Do Israelis Cope?
15.09.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
This is a society of believers. Even those who don’t believe in God tend to believe in the enduring mystery of Jewish survival read more>
Sukkot: A Guide for Understanding and Celebrating
14.09.2014, by Noam Zion
This special, in-depth collection of articles and activities about Sukkot is designed for uploading and reading on a Kindle or Kindle app on devices such as an iPad or smartphone read more>
More than Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, Be My Messenger
02.09.2014, by Noam Zion
read more>
Rosh Hashana Table Talk: Trying a New Path
01.09.2014, by Noam Zion
Halacha or Jewish law means literally “a way of walking” and Rosh Hashana is about checking your bearings and taking new paths where necessary read more>
I Have Two Nightmares About a Palestinian State
01.09.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
That there won’t be one—and that there will be one read more>
Seder Rosh Hashana
28.08.2014, by Noam Zion
The content in this special collection is designed to be easily readable on Kindle e-readers. To upload this content to your Kindle, simply click on the small, orange letter k to the right of the printer icon on the top right-hand side of this page read more>
‘Tonight, We’re Going to be Israelis’
25.08.2014, by Sue Levi Elwell
American rabbis learn what Israelis go through when a siren blares during a rabbinic program lecture read more>
War and Our Jewish Souls
22.08.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Too many families are in mourning for those they have lost, and too many innocent people have lost their lives read more>
Is a Personal God Possible After the Holocaust?
19.08.2014, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Lindenbaum lecture series, 2009, Part 1 read more>
Did We Win the War? ‘Everything OK?’
07.08.2014, by Donniel Hartman
The popular Israeli greeting belies an illusion about the world we live in read more>
Israel in Trying Times: Unity Not Uniformity
03.08.2014, by Sharon Brous
All the talk about sympathy and empathy and self-reflection, even during war time, is not only spiritually essential, but also strategically critical read more>
Time for a (Social) Ceasefire
03.08.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda thinks that social media does not improve the public discourse in times of crisis. read more>
L’cha Dodi and the Kabbalist Background to Kabbalat Shabbat
30.07.2014, by Noam Zion
This special presentation of articles and essays about Shabbat is designed to be uploaded and read on a Kindle e-reader read more>
The Cost of Fighting, The Cost of Not Fighting
28.07.2014, by Alexander Yakobson
Given their indifference to civilian casualties, Hamas’ conduct is not irrational - merely vile. God help us if we can`t persuade them that it is irrational read more>
The War in Gaza: What I Know and What I Do Not Know
28.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
I don’t know if our society will have the fortitude and wisdom to navigate this path with the same skill and acumen as we exhibit when confronting our external enemies. I know that we must find the strength to do so read more>
The Spirit of Innovation
18.07.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
A panel discussion moderated by Yehuda Kurtzer featuring Joy Leavitt, Asher Lopatin, and Elana Stein Heain read more>
A Prayer for the State of Israel
16.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
On the last day of this summer’s Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, after the onset of the latest hostilities between Israel and Hamas, Shalom Hartman Institute President Donniel Hartman wrote and read a special prayer as his goodbye to the program’s rabbis read more>
Against the Racism of Fear
15.07.2014, by Shlomit Harrosh
It is the more mundane forms of racism that must be combated if we are to prevent the next sadistic murder read more>
Chevraya - Coming Together as a Community
14.07.2014, by Tilly Shames
On the conclusion of Cohort II of the Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals read more>
Revenge and Violence or Peace and Ethics?
10.07.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Vengeful killings only continue a state of continuous cycle and spirit of enmity and violence read more>
Jewish Values and the Two State Solution: The Jew in the World
10.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman delivers shiur on "Jewish Values and the Two State Solution: The Jew in the World" ath the Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, #HartmanSummer 2014: "A Time for War, a Time for Peace." Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem read more>
Rachel Korazim: Conflicting Narratives of War and Peace in Modern Society
09.07.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rachel Korazim delivers a shiur on the "Conflicting Narrative of War and Peace in Modern Israeli Society" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Wars and Apocalyptics in the Bible: Isaiah and Ezekiel
08.07.2014, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman lectures on the "Wars and Apocalyptics in the Bible: Isaiah and Ezekiel" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Aaron Panken: The Future of Liberal Judaism in North America
08.07.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Aaron Panken lectures on the "The Future of Liberal Judaism in North America" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
The Sanctification of Life In Memory of ‘Our Boys’
08.07.2014, by Baruch Frydman-Kohl
Essay adapted from remarks at a memorial service held at Toronto’s Congregation Shaarei Shomayim on July 7, 2014 read more>
"The Problem of Power and The Nature of Political Crime: Reflections on the Book of Samuel"
06.07.2014, by Moshe Halbertal
Moshe Halbertal lectures on the "The Problem of Power and The Nature of Political Crime: Reflections on the Book of Samuel" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Fania Oz-Salzberger: "Jews and Words"
06.07.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Fania Oz-Salzberger lectures on "Jews and Words" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
The Rabbinic Narrative of Pacifism and its Modern Critics
03.07.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer delivers shiur on ‘Rabbinic Narrative of Pacifism and its Modern Critics’ at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Like Dreamers
02.07.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein HaLevi discusses his new book, "Like Dreamers" with Donniel Hartman at #HartmanSummer 2014 at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar: "A Time for War, a Time for Peace" in Jerusalem read more>
War as an Inner Struggle: From Rabbinic Imagination to Kabbalah
02.07.2014, by Melila Hellner-Eshed
Melila Hellner Eshed lectures on the War as an Inner Struggle: From Rabbinic Imagination to Kabbalah at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. July 2, 2014 read more>
Like Dreamers: Yossi Klein Halevi with Donniel Hartman (Video)
02.07.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Evening program from annual Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar read more>
20th Century Philosophies of War: Insights from the Diaspora
02.07.2014, by Elana Stein Hain
Elana Stein Hain lectures on the 20th Century Philosophies of War: Insights from the Diaspora at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Community Leadership Retreat in Jerusalem, Israel, July 2, 2014 read more>
Rachel Korazim: Conflicting Narrative of War and Peace in Modern Israeli Society
01.07.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rachel Korazim lectures on the Conflicting Narrative of War and Peace in Modern Israeli Society at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Community Leadership Retreat in Jerusalem, July 1, 2014 read more>
Women Warriors in the Jewish Tradition (Video)
01.07.2014, by Lauren Berkun
#HartmanSummer 2014, Community Leadership Summer Retreat in Israel read more>
An Evening with Donniel Hartman
01.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
An evening with Donniel Hartman at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Community Leadership Retreat and Rabbinic Torah Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
"Images of God: A Man of War or a Man of Peace?"
01.07.2014, by Israel Knohl
Israel Knohl lectures on "Images of God: A Man of War or a Man of Peace?" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Ari Shavit: My Promised Land
01.07.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Ari Shavit discusses his book, "My Promised Land" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar and Community Leadership Program Retreat in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
The Challenges and Problematics of the Jewish Narrative of Peace (RTS)
30.06.2014, by Donniel Hartman
June 30, 2014, lecture to the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, titled, ‘A Time for War, A Time for Peace’ read more>
"Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Jew and the World"
29.06.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman lectures on the "Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Jew and the World" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Rabbinic Community Leadership Retreat, Israel read more>
Minna Tzemach, Uri Regev: "The New Front Lines of State and Religion in Israel: The Debate Around Civil Marriage"
26.06.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Minna Tzemcah and Uri Regev discuss "The New Front Lines of State and Religion in Israel: The Debate Around Civil Marriage" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Community Leadership Retreat in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
"The Rabbinic Narrative of Pacifism and its Modern Critics"
26.06.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer lectures on "The Rabbinic Narrative of Pacifism and its Modern Critics" at the #HartmanSummer 2014 Community Leadership Retreat in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
‘Like Dreamers’: Yossi Klein Halevi in Conversation With Donniel Hartman (Video)
25.06.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Video discussion about the award-winning book read more>
The Challenges and Problematics of the Jewish Narrative of Peace (Video)
25.06.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: The Challenges and Problematics of the Jewish Narrative of Peace. Opening lecture of #HartmanSummer 2014, Community Leadership Retreat, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem read more>
After the Success and Failure of Zionism
24.06.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Video: The Future of Diaspora-Israeli Relations - 2014 Robert P. Kogod Annual Lecture read more>
What a Muslim American Learned from Zionists
24.06.2014, by Rabia Chaudry
During a visit to an institute in Israel, I gained a new perspective on a belief that I once saw as toxic read more>
A Time for War, A Time for Peace
16.06.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Background readings for Summer 2014. Optimized for the Kindle read more>
Do You Still Think Reform Jews are Idolators?
15.06.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
It is essential today that you not only retract those words about Reform Judaism but also work to heal the rift between the Jewish people and Israel that it creates, and to alleviate the skepticism that many liberal Jews in America are already experiencing about your ability to lead the Jewish State read more>
Great Leaders Take Great Risks
13.06.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
When the Jewish people have great leadership, times of great uncertainty have become times of opportunity and transformation read more>
Video: The Inevitability of Dissent: A Rabbinic Case Study
12.06.2014, by Elana Stein Hain
The Torah recognizes the existence of the conscientious objector, the zaqen mamre, and the Rabbis note the significance of lo titgodedu, an injunction not to become fractious read more>
Video: Guns and Jews - The Challenge of Consensus Politics
12.06.2014, by Steve Greenberg
Exploring what is at stake in this debate and how communities and organizations are navigating the challenging waters read more>
Shavuot is Relevant Even for the Non-Believer
08.06.2014, by Tal Becker
We do not enter the earth free and clear to invent ourselves from naught. Like it or not, we are born into a legacy, a tradition, and a set of values that should draw us into a dialogue and shape our identity and sense of meaning. That dialogue may be one of reverence, or of rebellion, or of something in between. But at its heart, it prizes the idea that for the Jewish people to stake a claim to a truer and healthier future requires that we also be honest, learned, and engaged in the claim our heritage has upon us read more>
National Law and Israel’s ‘Jewishness’
08.06.2014, by Shraga Bar-On
read more>
Pew, Continuity, and Conversion
02.06.2014, by Zvi Zohar
The October 2013 Pew Report underscored the fragility of the Jewish future in North America, and has led to anguished discussions regarding how to decrease the number of Jews relinquishing Judaism and Jewish identification in favor of other options. Given the nature of the American religious scene, it is impossible to assure Jewish continuity by such a strategy alone. Rather, only if a complimentary strategy of easing conversion is joined with the first, do we stand a chance of achieving continuity read more>
How to Move Mountains: Questions for North American Jewry
02.06.2014, by Elana Stein Hain
Rabbi Akiva offers a model for challenging assumed norms useful to both sides of the conversation read more>
The Meaning of Time and Living a Life of Meaning
16.05.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Every culture measures time in particular ways, but Judaism teaches us to constantly reframe it read more>
Shavuot and the Meaning of the Covenant
14.05.2014, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
As we celebrate the giving of the Torah at Sinai, we should pause to consider the covenantal relationship that Sinai represents. Understanding our relationship with the divine begins with understanding our covenant with Him: a covenant that presents us with a world that is waiting to be shaped by human initiative and action read more>
Who Needs a Jewish-State Bill?
11.05.2014, by Daniel Statman
One cannot support the right of Jews for self-determination without supporting a similar right for Palestinians read more>
Yizkor - I Remember
08.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
On Yom Hazikaron, Donniel remembers his brother-in-law, Arele Katz, who died when his plane was shot over Lebanon read more>
Reimagining Jewish-Muslim Relations: A Response to My Jewish Critics
08.05.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein Halevi responds to the criticism on his piece with Imam Abdullah, supporting the Brandeis University decision to rescind awarding Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary degree read more>
A New Zionism
08.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on a new way for Diaspora Jewry to think about Zionism read more>
Can We Tell a Tale of Two Zions?
06.05.2014, by Mishael Zion
Celebrating the path of self-sovereign Jewish life in our ancestral homeland doesn’t require Israel to be the only tale of Jewish life in the modern world read more>
Israel and the Diaspora: Two Foci of a Single Ellipse
06.05.2014, by Justus Baird
The birthday of the Jewish State forces an existential question on us diaspora Jews: what is our compelling mission and purpose for Judaism outside of the land of Israel? read more>
Israel: Values Nation
01.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on the values in the Jewish nation read more>
Zionism: The Question of Sovereignty 2
01.05.2014, by Micah Goodman
Audio recording of lecture on Jewish peoplehood read more>
Presidents, Relevance, and Naming Some Elephants
01.05.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The surprisingly one-sided vote by the Conference of Presidents to reject J Street’s membership provides a moment to learn something significant about our community read more>
Zionism: The Question of Sovereignty
29.04.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Audio recording of lecture on Jewish peoplehood read more>
Jewish People and the Challenge of Identity
29.04.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on Jewish peoplehood read more>
How The Different Interpretations of the Exodus Shape Our Vision of Jewish History
29.04.2014, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Audio recordings of 2010-2011 lecture series read more>
After Israel: The Jewish People After the Jewish State
29.04.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Audio recording of Daniel Gordis lecture on The Jewish People After the Jewish State read more>
The Jewish People and the State of Israel
29.04.2014, by Ruth Gavison
Audio recording of lecture on the Jewish people and the State of Israel read more>
The Value of Peoplehood
29.04.2014, by Micah Goodman
Audio recording of lecture on Jewish peoplehood read more>
The Day After the Negotiations Fail
29.04.2014, by Donniel Hartman
We need to prepare for the day after, to ensure that the cessation of the current peace negotiations does not at the same time unleash an uncontrollable process and narrative which will create a broader reality alien to who we are and detrimental to who we want to be read more>
A Jewish State: Semantics Vs. The Real Thing
23.04.2014, by Alexander Yakobson
The real question is not whether the Palestinians are willing to accept some semantic formula having to do with the Jewish state, but whether they are ready to accept the Jewish state itself read more>
What Muslims and Jews Should Learn From Brandeis
23.04.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi and Imam Abdullah Antepli
We call upon our communities to follow Brandeis’ example and refrain from honoring those whose goal is to dishonor the other read more>
How the Past Can Redeem the Future
18.04.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
How we remember our history ultimately determines our moral identity read more>
The Song of the Sea, the Song of Miriam
09.04.2014, by Shraga Bar-On
We do not need to choose between God and human rights or between God and women’s rights read more>
Challenges facing the Jewish Community
08.04.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer delivered one of the inaugural J-Talks at the JCC Association Convention in San Diego, Calif., highlighting paradigm shifts and challenges that will face the Jewish community in the next five to ten years. read more>
A Human Being in Beit Safafa
07.04.2014, by Shlomit Harrosh
Most of us never imagine having to wake up one morning to find our property vandalized and racist writing covering our walls. And yet to some extent this is the reality of many Israeli Palestinians read more>
Rebuild the Temple? Not in Our Time
03.04.2014, by Marcie Lenk
Discussions about Jewish access to and control of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount are drawing heated responses in both Israel’s and Jordan’s parliaments, even as the idea of building a Third Temple and restoring sacrificial worship there is preposterous in the minds of the vast majority of Jews and Israelis. Yet the question of what Jews think about building a new Temple comes up with virtually every Christian group that I teach read more>
The Quiet Rise of the Israeli Center
01.04.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
The Israeli centrist embraces insights from both the right and left read more>
Making Memory: Pesach and Radical Imagination
27.03.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
A look at the interplay between memory and creativity in Jewish ritual through the lens of Passover read more>
Why Might Theology Matter?
25.03.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Judaism is only one source of meaning in this world- theology guides us read more>
A Jewish State: It’s Our Problem, Not Theirs
18.03.2014, by Donniel Hartman
When Palestinian right of return is combated through the language of Jewish statehood, we are both shifting the conversation away from the central issue and at the same time, giving the Palestinians the tools to reject our legitimate concerns read more>
The Book of Esther is a Manifesto for Jewish Peoplehood
16.03.2014, by Shraga Bar-On
It is interesting that precisely in times of crisis we ‘lose’ our survival instinct and decide to fight back, to choose a mission read more>
What the Debate with the Haredim is Really About
12.03.2014, by Daniel Statman
Tikkun olam is not achieved by the study of disagreements between medieval commentators on Baba Kamma, but by engaging in the real world and attempting to make it a better place for Jews and non-Jews alike read more>
Leaving the Ultra-Orthodox World - With No Other Choice
11.03.2014, by Yakir Englander
A young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman once contacted me with a serious question: ”Should I leave the ultra-Orthodox community?” My reply to her was, “Since you have asked, ‘Should I?’ — then the answer is, ‘No!’” read more>
First, Have a Conversation About What Each Person Values
09.03.2014, by Gail Swedroe
Jews and Muslims need to be able to take a step back from the rhetoric and engage in personal reflection read more>
Let Us Help You Help Us
09.03.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
A true sense of Jewish peoplehood would seek to understand what is different and still in common in expressions of Jewish identity as it manifests in different places, and would ask: how do we cultivate that sensibility for the betterment of our relationship, even if it requires that certain characteristics of the other community may never change? read more>
Purim: Joy in the Midst of Uncertainty
03.03.2014, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
The story of Purim is a classic account of our people’s confrontation with brute anti-Semitism. Our bodies and not only our spirit were threatened with extinction. Nevertheless, Haman’s genocidal scheme was not realized read more>
Sorry for The Inconvenience
26.02.2014, by Tal Becker
There should be no inherent contradiction between being results-oriented and being well-mannered read more>
It’s Not About Kerry. It’s About Us
26.02.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Our challenge in a non-redeemed world, however, is to keep those values alive and to do everything in our power to shape our world and not be shaped by it read more>
Auschwitz or Sinai: Metaphor and the Meaning of Modern Israel
26.02.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
David Hartman wrote in 1982 of two metaphors for how we are to relate to Israel: "Auschwitz" demands vigilance against external threats, prioritizing the value of Jewish survival; "Sinai" sees Jewish sovereignty guided by the aspiration to achieve the covenant with God. Three decades later, this tension remains in our communal conversation. Which metaphor is more accurate in understanding the state of Israel, and what does it mean to hold onto such metaphors in our relationship to it? read more>
Diving Into Israel Education
17.02.2014, by Jill Shoshany
Reflecting on the iEngage session from Moving The Needle, the RAVSAK/PARDES Jewish Day School Leadership Conference 2014 read more>
Getting Rid of the Echo
16.02.2014, by Marcie Lenk
Getting out of our echo chambers and beginning to listen to those whose words make us uncomfortable may be difficult and even painful, but it is a necessary first step, because if we do not listen at all, then we cannot begin working out our differences read more>
Let’s Bet on Peace
16.02.2014, by Sharon Brous
Let’s help John Kerry succeed — let’s help Israelis and Palestinians succeed — by amplifying the voices of hope and possibility read more>
Leadership and Confrontation: Lessons from Moses and God
13.02.2014, by Melissa Weintraub
Lessons from this week`s parasha, Ki Tisa, Exodus 30:11-34:35 read more>
Winds of Change Conference Video: Israel and World Jewry
12.02.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Israel and World Jewry: Yossi Klein Halevi, Daniel Gordis, Tamar Elad-Applebaum, Daniel Landes - Panel discussion during 2014 Shalom Hartman Institute Conference, Winds of Change, 2/2/2014 read more>
Secretary of State Kerry Deserves Respect and Gratitude
09.02.2014, by Peter Joseph
For while the US government, including Secretary Kerry, are on record firmly opposing BDS and other attempts to isolate Israel, there are also limits to its ability to prevent such activities read more>
Excluding Judaism from Israeli Discourse not Just an Academic Question
09.02.2014, by Daniel Statman
By not bringing a more humanistic interpretation to the public, academics will make the tradition a captive of nationalists and extremists read more>
A Jew-free Palestine?
03.02.2014, by Donniel Hartman
There is a new reality on the ground, and the realm of politics is not the domain for messianic aspirations but rather a framework in which ideas, values, and interests meet the real world and accommodate that world in an attempt to implement the best of what is possible read more>
The Naked Law and The Hope of Israel
31.01.2014, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
The possibility of self-correction was what Rabbi Prof. David Hartman z"l thought was so religiously exciting about Israel read more>
The Religious Problem of Environmental Ethics
30.01.2014, by Shalom Hartman Institute
2014 Edward Bronfman Family Foundation Annual Lecture on Religious Pluralism read more>
Please Misunderstand Me
26.01.2014, by Tal Becker
We do no disservice to our positions by recognizing the doubts and costs that may be associated with them read more>
Eviatar Banai’s Journey to Wholeness
23.01.2014, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Something good is happening to Evyatar Banai, one of our most gifted singers and songwriters. And that’s good news for Israeli culture and, perhaps, a sign of hope for the healing of Israeli society read more>
Yehuda Kurtzer on Shalom TV's L'Chayim
20.01.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Rabbi Marc Golub chats with SHI-NA President Kurzter on a range of contemporary Jewish issues read more>
Looking Past the Walls
19.01.2014, by Marcie Lenk
These walls prevent us from seeing the many services provided by “others” read more>
It Was Never About Rabbi Avi Weiss
19.01.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
What the recent controversy over one rabbi’s legitimacy really represents read more>
Thank You For Marching
12.01.2014, by Donniel Hartman
We have a right to assess the extent of our tzedakah and the extent to which we open our doors. But as Jews, we do not have a right to deny our Jewish values and responsibility or to pursue a policy of moral indifference and embrace a valueless status quo read more>
‘And Thou Shalt Love the Stranger’
12.01.2014, by Daniel Statman
Why are Israelis so inhospitable to Africans residing among us? read more>
Putting Aside That Old Jewish Pessimism
07.01.2014, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Potpourri of Predictions for 2014 read more>
When Metaphor Fails: Iran-Holocaust Connection Misguided
31.12.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
We are a people of memory, and so it seems right and reasonable that we use our past as the means to interpret our present. But drawing historical metaphors is tricky work, and done incorrectly, the memory-maker risks both violence to our history and our identities that hinge so directly on how we think about the lessons of our past. read more>
The Fairness of Extending Military Service for Women
29.12.2013, by Shlomit Harrosh
Just as men and women have an equal right to equality of opportunities in the military, they also have an equal duty as equal beneficiaries of the good of security to serve their country read more>
Getting God’s Attention and Giving God Ours
27.12.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Faith, in the biblical sense, seems to be as much about getting and giving God our full attention as it is about anything else read more>
Are US and Israeli Jewry Drifting Apart?
26.12.2013, by Tal Becker
We are not a cause, we are a family read more>
Boycotting the Boycotters?
25.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
We need to recognize that we are not so weak that we cannot take chances for our ideals read more>
David Hartman and the Reform Movement: ‘Kindred Spirits’ in Questioning (Video)
15.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
This is a transcript of Donniel Hartman’s remarks at the 2013 URJ convention after accepting the movement’s Rabbi Alexander Schindler Award on behalf his father, David Hartman read more>
How to Deflate the Settlements as an Issue
15.12.2013, by Alexander Yakobson
Settlers shouldn’t get to decide the future of the country and the fate of its two peoples read more>
Fertility and Jewish Law: Feminist Perspectives on Orthodox Response Literature
11.12.2013, by Ronit Irshai
Research Fellow Ronit Irshai spoke about fertility and Jewish law at Harvard Divinity School, December 11, 2013 read more>
Menorah in the Israeli Public Space
08.12.2013, by Daniel Statman
Sometimes not lighting a hanukkia in Israel is the right thing to do read more>
Why is Iran About Us?
01.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
All claims that this is an American issue were nullified by the names of the organizations under whose banner we campaigned read more>
Who Can Retell? The Problem of the ‘Other’ in Israel
01.12.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Whether it is the religious other, stranger, immigrant, differently colored or sexually oriented from whatever “norm,” these struggles ultimately define its morality read more>
The Contingent Feature of the Jewish View of History
26.11.2013, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
The Contingent Feature of the Jewish View of History, lecture at the Shalom Hartman Institute read more>
Connected Through the Web of Life
25.11.2013, by Angelica Berrie - Chair, SHI-NA
Looking at the Philippine tragedy from two different spiritual foundations reinforces my belief that we are all one people read more>
Judaism Cannot be Held Hostage by the Chief Rabbinate
24.11.2013, by Shraga Bar-On
From the heart of the U.S. religious establishment comes a plea directed at rabbis in Israel and abroad: End the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly on Jewish religion, before the Israeli Rabbinate destroys it altogether read more>
Video: David Hartman’s Hanukkah
17.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Video: Webinar program from Nov. 13, 2013 read more>
Remembering Why
17.11.2013, by Tal Becker
Articulating responses to the question of Israel`s significance, which can inspire Jews and non-Jews of diverse backgrounds, should be one of our great national preoccupations read more>
Aleinu and the Religious Vision of God’s Universal Kingdom
14.11.2013, by Noam Zion
The author of Aleinu and Maimonides held that the belief in God was necessary to a just world order read more>
The Torah’s ‘You Shall Not Destroy’ and the Modern World’s ‘Sustainability’
12.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Roots for Tikkun Olam in the Biblical prohibition ‘do not destroy’ read more>
On Fixing the Road: A Talmudic Metaphor for Life in an Imperfect World
12.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Talmudic Tikkun Olam, "fixing" the problem in Israel read more>
Tzedek and Tzedakah: A Heroic Tax Reform Initiative
12.11.2013, by Noam Zion
A medieval rabbi builds "a city of justice and tzedakah" by rescuing the poor read more>
Holding up Services in Order to be Heard
12.11.2013, by Noam Zion
The pros and cons of the synagogue as a site of political and judicial protest read more>
Modern Jewish Thought on the Vocation of Tikkun Olam
12.11.2013, by Noam Zion
The ideology of Tikkun Olam found in modern Jewish thought. read more>
Ethics and the Essence of Judaism
11.11.2013, by Daniel Statman
It is time for us Israelis to reintroduce the view held by the Diaspora that to be Jewish is to be committed to ethical ideals read more>
Rabbinic Legal Reform: Tikkun Olam and Reproductive Rights and Duties
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
"Tikkun" as an aspect of a legal system to adjust laws so there is social harmony read more>
The History of the Term Tikkun Olam in 20th Century America
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
The progression of the term Tikkun Olam, from its original source to its contemporary uses read more>
Tikkun Olam as Ecological Stewardship: The Natural World Threatened by Human Destruction
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam and the human limit in fixing the world read more>
Tikkun Olam: Settling for Less
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam is not about reaching perfection but about improving an existing system read more>
Tikkun: The Intricacies of Government Reform
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun as a legal concept in halacha read more>
Maimonides’ Theory of Judicial Discretion: Tikkun Olam Supersedes Due Process
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam as understood by Maimonides read more>
Fast Days and for Social Reform: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Maimonides
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam historically, politically, and religiously read more>
Tikkun Olam and Regulation of Markets
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam attained through a regulating state read more>
Tikkun Olam as the Mastery of Nature: Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam through Rabbi J.B. Soleveitchik`s lens read more>
From Social Action to Humble Forms of Tikkun Olam in the American Reform Movement: Leonard Fein and Eugene Borowitz
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam, a pillar of Reform Judaism read more>
Socialist Zionists, Secular and Religious: Moses Hess and Moshe Una
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Social Zionism as a nationalist return to the Jewish state with a realistic political program read more>
Martin Buber: Tikkun Olam as a Shot in the Dark
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam learned from prophets who connect divine decree to human responsibility read more>
Four Lessons Learned about Tikkun Olam
07.11.2013, by Noam Zion
read more>
An Ever-Thriving People
07.11.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Courageous leadership for our time in the face of an ever-worrying people read more>
A Thanksgivukkah Manifesto
05.11.2013, by Mishael Zion
A once in a century holiday is upon us; Let us not underestimate this moment for the American Jewish community read more>
Teaching ‘These and These’ to Campus Israel Activists
04.11.2013, by Tilly Shames
The executive director of the University of Michigan Hillel demonstrates how her Hartman training helped her bring students together read more>
Brothers and Brotherhood
04.11.2013, by Shraga Bar-On
Commemorating the 18th anniversary of Yizhak Rabin’s assassination read more>
Hanukkah Ritual Offers Insights into Jewish Diversity
03.11.2013, by Jonathan Garb
Much as we may sympathize with this loyalty to the past, we must today also consider alternatives that accommodate the spiritual and practical reality of millions of Jews who do not live by any strict code of Jewish law read more>
Israel’s Wary Center
31.10.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
A majority don’t see ‘Greater Israel’ or utopian peace in the nation’s future read more>
How Israeli Society Remained Intact
28.10.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
The notion of Israel as a model of social cohesion may seem far-fetched. Yet in recent years, a sober majority has emerged that seeks social compromise and accommodation in place of ideological warfare read more>
Israel United, Israel Divided (Video)
22.10.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein Halevi and Michael Oren reflect on the legacy of the 1967 and 1973 wars, celebrating the publication of Yossi’s book Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation read more>
Netanyahu’s ‘Secret’ Letter to the President of Iran
20.10.2013, by Donniel Hartman
This is a letter that Donniel Hartman says he dreams will come one day from Israel’s Prime Minister read more>
Rav Ovadia Yosef and Caring for Israel’s Body and Soul
14.10.2013, by Tal Becker
Sensitivity to the values embraced by a Jewish sovereign society need not constitute some kind of admission that the body of Israel is less important than its soul. It can come from a deep understanding that the resilience of a society, its capacity to rally its people to sacrifice for it, and to rally the world to support it, turns a great deal on its moral standing and inherent legitimacy read more>
Counting Our Numbers, Counting Our Blessings
10.10.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Tracing Jewish "demographic anxiety" all the way back to parashat Lech Lecha read more>
Our Continuing Need for Heroes
09.10.2013, by Morley Feinstein
We need to find people to love, admire, to be our role models, people who live by the Golden Rule, whose empathy oozes from them in their morality and ethics read more>
Freedom, Liberty, and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
08.10.2013, by Ariel Picard
read more>
It’s Time to Get Over Ourselves: The Lessons of the Pew Survey
06.10.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The challenge of our people’s Jewish future is how to create ideas which are capable of garnering excitement and commitment read more>
How to Win a Jewish Argument
02.10.2013, by Tal Becker
We should want a Jewish debate that reflects the pluralism, complexity and contradictions of our tradition and experience read more>
Yom Kippur 5774: Auschwitz or Sinai?
29.09.2013, by Vernon Kurtz
We must create healthy Jewish societies based upon Jewish knowledge, a strong Jewish identity, a passion for Jewish living, and a love for the Jewish people read more>
Beyond Brokenness: Negotiating Power from a Tradition of Victimhood (Video)
The 2013 Wallenberg Tribute lecture at Muhlenberg College`s Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding read more>
President Obama and the Anxiety of Ambivalence
22.09.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Ambivalence in our hearts can reflect a genuine embrace of multiple truths and a reckoning with difficult choices. As anxious as this ambivalence may make us when it is on public display, are we truly prepared to be led into actions with grave consequences without it? read more>
For Sukkot: A Theology of Rain
17.09.2013, by Lauren Berkun
In Florida, I have reflected often on the ways in which Judaism invests rain with religious meaning. Prayers for rain mark the culmination of the High Holiday season read more>
Yom Kippur War Resonates, 40 Years Later
15.09.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein Halevi, research fellow at Shalom Hartman Institute and author of the narrative history of Israel, LIKE DREAMERS, offers reflections on the Yom Kippur War of 1973 on its 40th anniversary read more>
The Meaningful Quiet of Yom Kippur in Israel
13.09.2013, by Marcie Lenk
Even on the Day of Atonement, no single sense of ‘Torah’ can safeguard the distinctive needs and wishes of such a pluralistic society read more>
Jewish Giving: Then and Now
12.09.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Talmud can give insights into why one resists giving, as well as mechanisms to overcome those resistances read more>
High Holy Days: Living With Purpose
10.09.2013, by Lauren Berkun
Being created in God’s image teaches the lofty responsibility of serving as God’s representatives in the world read more>
The Loyalty of Abraham and the Ideal Alaska Husky Lead Dog
08.09.2013, by Noam Zion
In the Akedah, Abraham knew that the point of God’s orders was to advance a cause, to make progress on the path of justice, to get to the end of the race, and not to destroy himself and God’s sled on the way, in the name of blind obedience read more>
A Time to Remember and a Time to Forget
08.09.2013, by Donniel Hartman
There must be a moment when one lets go, when one knows that one has failed and stops berating oneself for that read more>
Syria, Moral Responsibilities and Ambiguous Circumstances
01.09.2013, by Donniel Hartman
In the Middle East our moral responsibilities and motivations are not always clear. It is not merely our hands which are dirty but reality itself. That said, there are times when our moral responsibilities are self-evident read more>
Criticize Me as a Friend, Not as Roger Waters
25.08.2013, by Marcie Lenk
If I trust that a critic truly wants to help me change, I will be able to hear and accept the criticism read more>
Crafting a New Narrative
20.08.2013, by Emily Briskman
read more>
Video: The Biblical Story as a Story of Teshuva
18.08.2013, by Micah Goodman
Video of webinar delivered from Jerusalem on Aug. 15, 2013 read more>
What Grows In Between Scholars
13.08.2013, by Gerald Zoldan
David Hartman taught that the Bible describes a people who believe in God, and the Talmud describes a people who believe that God believes in people read more>
The Pain and Joy of Elul
08.08.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
The Hebrew month of Elul presents us with the enormous possibilities of teshuva, or repentance read more>
I Have No Chief Rabbi
04.08.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Rather than despair over fundamentalist victories, pluralists need to focus on deepening the spiritual vitality of the new forms of Israeli Judaism read more>
Two Peoples and the Jungle
31.07.2013, by Alexander Yakobson
Whoever believes in equality between people and nations, and does not believe in the law of the jungle, must support the idea of two independent peoples read more>
Becoming a Religiously Plural Nation
30.07.2013, by Molly T. Marshall
Jews and Christians need one another, for we clarify our respective identities as we think together about our heritage read more>
To Jerusalem and Back with RTS
29.07.2013, by Mark Schiftan
Summertime at the Hartman Institute offers an opportunity for rabbis to replenish themselves, to nurture and to nourish their own spiritual growth and their own Jewish souls, in the company of colleagues read more>
A Troubling Tale of Jewish-Muslim Relations
21.07.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
An altercation on Jerusalem’s light rail teaches the difficult but essential price of Jewish sovereignty: the need to respect the primacy of democratic rules in public space, even if it may restrict notions of Jewish law read more>
Of Bowling and Basketball - Reflections from CLP
17.07.2013, by Linna Ettinger
Linna Ettinger shares her thoughts from her first CLP Summer Retreat in June, 2013 read more>
The Chief Rabbi and the Car Mechanic
14.07.2013, by Tal Becker
The Chief Rabbi could nurture a Jewish public space that transcends what divides us, but only if he has the stature to stir our desire to engage with the beauty, depth and range of our heritage read more>
The Ethics of Jewish Education
11.07.2013, by Ariel Picard
Traditional Jewish education is frozen because of a fear of its strict atmosphere and lack of creativity read more>
Living Within the Covenant and the Boundaries of Interpretation (Summer 2013 Videos)
11.07.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: Living Within the Covenant and the Boundaries of Interpretation Lecture to Rabbis Shalom Hartman Institute Jerusalem, Israel July 11, 2013 read more>
Maimonides and Yehuda Halevi: Hermeneutics and Great Books in the Thought of David Hartman (Summer 2013 Videos)
10.07.2013, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman: Maimonides and Yehuda Halevi: Hermeneutics and Great Books in the Thought of David Hartman Lecture to Rabbis Shalom Hartman Institute Jerusalem, Israel July 10, 2013 read more>
State and Religion in Israel: Anat Hoffman, Shlomo Riskin (Summer 2013 Videos)
09.07.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
State and Religion in Israel: Anat Hoffman, Shlomo Riskin Evening Session for Rabbis Shalom Hartman Institute Jerusalem, Israel July 9, 2013 read more>
Theology and the Human Condition (Summer 2013 Videos)
09.07.2013, by Melila Hellner-Eshed
Melila Hellner Eshed: Theology and the Human Condition Lecture to Rabbis Shalom Hartman Institute Jerusalem, Israel July 9, 2013 read more>
Auschwitz or Sinai (Rabbis) (Summer 2013 Videos)
07.07.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer: Auschwitz or Sinai, Lecture to Rabbis, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, July 7, 2013 read more>
The Biblical Concept of Covenant (Summer 2013 Videos)
04.07.2013, by Israel Knohl
The Biblical Concept of Covenant - Lecture to Rabbis at Shalom Hartman Institute, July 4, 2013 read more>
David Hartman, Soloveitchik and Leibowitz (Summer 2013 Videos)
03.07.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Moshe Halbertal: Hartman, Soloveitchik and Leibowitz, Lecture to Rabbis, Shalom Hartman Institute, July 3, 2013 read more>
A Heart of Many Rooms - Religious Pluralism (Summer 2013 Videos)
03.07.2013, by Noam Zion
Noam Zion: A Heart of Many Rooms - Religious Pluralism, Lecture to Community Leadership Program, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, July 3, 2013 read more>
Living Covenant: Future Directions (Summer 2013 Video)
03.07.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman, Tova Hartman, Micah Goodman, and Yehuda Kurtzer in conversation read more>
Israel: ‘Auschwitz or Sinai’ (Summer 2013 Videos)
02.07.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Israel: "Auschwitz or Sinai" - Lecture to Rabbis at Shalom Hartman Institute, July 2, 2013 read more>
Prayer and Religious Intimacy (Summer 2013 Videos)
02.07.2013, by Tova Hartman
Prayer and Religious Intimacy, Lecture to Rabbis, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, July 2, 2013 read more>
Reason and Tradition: The Maimonidean Paradigm (Summer 2013 Videos)
01.07.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman: Reason and Tradition: The Maimonidean Paradigm. Lecture to Community Leadership Program at Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. July 1, 2013 read more>
How David Hartman Taught Me to Read the Talmud
01.07.2013, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman: How David Hartman Taught Me How to Read the Talmud. Lecture to the Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, July 1, 2013, Shalom Hartman Institute campus in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Three Lessons I Learned from my Father (Summer 2013 Video)
01.07.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Lecture to more than 150 rabbis at the Shalom Hartman Institute Summer 2013 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), Rabbinic Leadership Initiative (RLI) Cohort IV and Cohort V read more>
The Future of American Judaism (Summer 2013 Video)
01.07.2013, by Sharon Brous
The Future of American Judaism: Rabbi Sharon Brous, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer. Evening session of dialogue at Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem, July 1, 2013, during the Hartman 2013 Summer programs for rabbis (RLI, RTS) and Jewish community leaders (CLP) from North America, Israel, and Europe read more>
Make the Three Weeks a Time for Healing
30.06.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Enough mourning for the sake of mourning. Let us turn the Three Weeks into a time of Jewish healing read more>
Theology: The Spirit of Jewish Prayer (Summer 2013 Video)
28.06.2013, by Lauren Berkun
Rabbi Lauren Berkun, Director of Rabbinic and Synagogue Programs, speaks on ‘Theology, The Spirit of Jewish Prayer,’ Summer 2013 Community Leadership Program Retreat at Hartman Institute. Date of the lecture: June 28, 2013 read more>
Religious Pluralism in Israel & Women of the Wall (Summer 2013 Video)
27.06.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Religious Pluralism in Israel – Women of the Wall - Panel Discussion featuring Anat Hoffman and Liora Bachor, moderated by Rabbi Dr. Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, June 27, 2013 read more>
Exodus and Sinai (Summer 2013 Video)
27.06.2013, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman on June 27, 2013, to participants Summer 2013 Community Leadership Program, ‘Exodus and Sinai’ read more>
Covenantal Anthropology (Summer 2013 Video)
26.06.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman gives the opening lecture to the Summer 2013 Community Leadership Program (CLP) at Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, June 26, 2013 read more>
How David Hartman Changed My Life (Summer 2013 Video)
26.06.2013, by Lauren Berkun
How David Hartman Changed My Life: Panel Discussion with Yossi Klein Halevi, Rabbi Lauren Berkun, Bernie Steinberg, and Prof. Israel Knohl, before attendees of the Summer 2013 Community Leadership Program (CLP) at Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, June 26, 2013 read more>
The Sacred Cow of Religious Zionism
16.06.2013, by Donniel Hartman
If religious Zionism is to lead, it needs to embrace a Judaism of ideas and values which stand on the merits of their content and not on the authority of their author read more>
Ritual and the Dangers of a Spiritual Life
14.06.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Ritual can give us new spiritual life and cleanse us in the most profound ways read more>
Leadership and Change in the Land of The Lost
13.06.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Taking on the ‘leadership crisis’ of the legacy institutions of the North American Jewish community read more>
Learning Torah in the Modern World
06.06.2013, by SHI Video
Mishael Zion recreates the Hartman beit midrash in New York City read more>
David Hartman’s Legacy in America and Israel
28.05.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Video from “A Day of Study Celebrating the Impact of Rabbi Professor David Hartman,” with Donniel Hartman and JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen
read more>
David Hartman: Torah and Philosophic Quest
28.05.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Video from “A Day of Study Celebrating the Impact of Rabbi Professor David Hartman,” with Yehuda Kurtzer and Michael Walzer of the Institute for Advanced Study
read more>
A Letter to PA President Abbas: Don’t Prove the Naysayers Right
26.05.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Some Israelis are counting on you waste to this opportunity, but most would prefer you as a true peace partner
read more>
A Narrative of Theological Change: Honoring the Thought of David Hartman
24.05.2013, by Noam Zohar
How can we retain a deep relationship with a personal God without subscribing to superstitions and crass assertions? read more>
Finding a Voice
23.05.2013, by Amy Joy Small
Women of the Wall has elevated the struggle for Jewish religious freedom in Israel, and I am exhilarated to be a part of it read more>
Jewish Leadership, Values, and the Challenge to Inspire Hope
23.05.2013, by Bernie Steinberg
If the present gridlock is to be broken, it will depend on the energy and courage of the next generation read more>
Time to End the Disgrace at the Wall
19.05.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
The Sharansky plan represents the first serious attempt since June 1967 to sanctify the Wall with Jewish inclusiveness
read more>
Irreverent Prayer and God’s Answer
17.05.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
What kind of prayer does God want to hear?
read more>
Do American Jews Need Hebrew?
10.05.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Learning session in LA on ‘Language and Identity,’ May 7, 2013 read more>
Can We Talk? Building a Spirit of “Sacred Disagreement” on Israel
09.05.2013, by Melissa Weintraub
We must make commitment to “sacred disagreement” as widespread as we have made our commitment to social justice read more>
Israel and the Leadership Dilemmas of Jewish Peoplehood
08.05.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
The future of Jewish Peoplehood depends upon three core questions which will determine our collective future read more>
Only Multiple Chief Rabbis Will Guarantee Religious Freedom in Israel
05.05.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The Judaism in the homeland of the Jewish people must be one which mirrors diversity and disagreement
read more>
How Do We Measure Our Days?
24.04.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Counting of the days could become a new ritual connecting our past to dreams of the future read more>
On Zionism, racism and fear
18.04.2013, by Shlomit Harrosh
Jewish political independence should not come at the expense of human rights of non-Jewish citizens read more>
How To Remember and How Not To Forget
12.04.2013, by Yehuda Kurtzer
This talk is about why and how the past can continue to hold great appeal to Jews who do not want to live in it read more>
Women of the Wall and the Urgent Questions of our Time
11.04.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
By preventing women from praying there and confiscating their prayer shawls, the Israeli government is risking the alienation of thousands of otherwise very committed Jews to the State of Israel read more>
Obama and the Jews: An inside perspective
11.04.2013, by Samuel Gordon
President Obama has just named Rabbi Samuel Gordon to the US Holocaust Memorial Council. This 2008 article by Gordon offers insight into Obama and details of his ‘Jewish history’ read more>
Needed: An Israeli Dialogue of Mutual Gratitude
07.04.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Mainstream and haredi Israelis must start by acknowledging how the other has contributed to the astonishing post-Holocaust rebirth of the Jewish people read more>
Between Personal and National: How Do We Create Meaning Through Memorial Ceremonies?
03.04.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
What is the “correct” way to create a collective memory? read more>
The Hope of Seduction
27.03.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Even before we knew freedom, we learned what only slavery can confirm: desire and hope are inextinguishable forces read more>
Obama’s Big Israel Breakthrough
24.03.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Thursday`s speech may have singlehandedly repaired a rocky relationship read more>
Pesach and Israel: A Tale of Two Realities?
20.03.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Pesach obligates us to remember God’s activism not only as the antidote to our helplessness but to be emulated when we confront injustice
read more>
What We Need Now: Jewish Leadership Driven by Ethical Imperatives
19.03.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
We need more leaders attuned both to the sacred call and the real needs of our time read more>
Lessons From a Man of Peace
10.03.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Rav Menachem Froman taught me that, in order to make peace with the Muslim world, one needs not only to honor Islam but to love it – cherish its fearless heart, the power of its surrender, the wisdom of its frank confrontation with human transience read more>
Rereading Pesach: Redemption and the Rational Mind
07.03.2013, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
David Hartman wrote that Pesach is meant to celebrate and sustain our deep yearning for freedom, not necessarily to show that God can change the order of the universe. Pesach is a holiday that inculcates the belief that man will overcome oppression, that freedom will reign throughout the world read more>
There Was Once a Man: The Power of Ideas
03.03.2013, by Donniel Hartman
My father loved to learn and loved to teach, because he believed that ideas matter, and what we need as a Jewish people is a constant flow of new thinking read more>
Purim: Living in an Unredeemed World
24.02.2013, by Sharon Cohen Anisfeld
What does Purim obligate us to do? In a chaotic and unredeemed world, it asks us to befriend one another read more>
Sinai and Exodus: Choosing Life in Midst of Uncertainty
20.02.2013, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Our founding national tale is not only about freedom and liberation, but also about uncertainty, arbitrary evil and the unpredictable contingencies of human history read more>
Donniel Hartman’s Eulogy for His Father
19.02.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Text of the eulogy that Doniel Hartman delivered at the funeral of his father, SHI Founder David Hartman read more>
Tova Hartman’s Eulogy for Her Father
19.02.2013, by Tova Hartman
read more>
He Loved His Students Like Few Teachers Do
17.02.2013, by Steven Moskowitz
He welcomed our questions. He invited disagreement. He encouraged debate. It was as if he believed he could only learn more if we asked more read more>
Five Hartman-esque Ideas
17.02.2013, by Noam Zion
David Hartman was more Socrates than Plato. He challenged young and old alike on their sacred presuppositions read more>
A Passionate Philosopher and a Teacher of Torah
17.02.2013, by Baruch Frydman-Kohl
Ever passionate in his presentations and conversations, David would roar and argue, whisper and weep, always seeking a more penetrating and productive way to “learn and teach, to engage and to fulfill” the words of the Torah he so loved read more>
Reflections on David Hartman
14.02.2013, by Yakir Englander
He taught us to think for ourselves, and not to be afraid of anyone, but to honor our own existential truth read more>
David Hartman’s Fierce Embrace
13.02.2013, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Reflection piece on David Hartman read more>
David Hartman, Lonely Man of Truth, Pushed Jews of All Stripes to Adapt
13.02.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
His books changed the way many of us understand the relationship between Judaism and modernity and national sovereignty read more>
Why Judaism Survived
12.02.2013, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Video Interview with David Hartman: ‘We have to renew the tradition’ read more>
A Tribute to David Hartman
11.02.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Arnold Eisen, Chancellor of Jewish Theological Seminary: May his family and all who mourn him find comfort among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, on both of which he has left a substantial mark. May all of us who care about the life of the Jewish People, and the vitality of Torah, strive to do our best for those causes, and so not let David down. read more>
Covenant and Moral Sensibility: An Interview with David Hartman
10.02.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
In this interview, David Hartman considered the past and the future in the unique spirit of inquiry that always animated his work read more>
Webinar: Us and Them
Many different demographic and socioeconomic sectors function within Israel`s narrow borders. Sixty-five years on, little has been done to integrate these factions and certain policies may even have been instrumental in increasing their number and polarity. On the other hand, the availability of information and new media have made the boundaries in which these groups live more permeable. What is the extent of this phenomenon within each sector and beyond? How do minority groups in Israel affect the nation`s character? read more>
The Hope and Disappointment of the Israeli Voter
03.02.2013, by Tal Becker
Softer, less strident voices may be more deserving of our attention than ones that tell us what we want to hear read more>
Auschwitz or Sinai?
01.02.2013, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
This powerful and oft-cited essay from 1982 is posted here in honor of the passing of Shalom Hartman Institute founder David Hartman read more>
And the Winner Is…No One
27.01.2013, by Donniel Hartman
All the parties must recognize that they did not win and as such are obligated to compromise to best serve their constituents read more>
The Struggle for the Israeli Right
21.01.2013, by Yossi Klein Halevi
The most important issue to be determined in this election is the future of the Israeli Right read more>
The Natural World Threatened by Human Destruction
15.01.2013, by Noam Zion
Tikkun Olam as ecological stewardship: Humility is called for in response to ecological balance of natural world read more>
How Bad is Israeli Politics?
14.01.2013, by Tal Becker
The encounter between our ideals and our politics can be an opportunity to make our ideals real read more>
Israel’s New Two-Party System: A Force for Extremism
06.01.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The Center-Left must enter into the fray as unabashed coalition partner aspirants read more>