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Israel Elections
The reason the Israel elections are boring is because they are not free. If you start a political party, you have to submit your platform to the "Election Committee", who can ban your party for any reason whatsoever. So, if you would say in your platform that you would like to limit citizenship in Israel to Jews only, you will immediately be banned. Thus, the Israeli government gets to decide who can run against it. Until Israel restores free elections, there will not be real democracy.
Avraham Sonenthal, USA, 02/01/2013 15:27:00
Everything Donniel` said is equally applicable to the lack of political imagination in the US as well. We Re hours from falli g off the fiscal cliff - a cliff created 18 months because is very creation was thought to be all the inspiration needed to sol e the very problems...Oy.
Josh Conescu , USA, 01/01/2013 01:06:00
The dangerous election is the fault of Israelis
Donniel should blame Israeli voters for this mess. They are the ones that tolerate an electoral system that makes Italy`s look good, that values American strategy and tactics over Israeli, or what I though were Israeli, ideals and self-interest, and leaders who form parties in the vain hope they have personality cults. When they cohere around an idea, such as the tent protest, they eschew creating or capturing political leaders with a history of or ability making coalitions and getting things done. They seem incapable of doing what the American Democratic party did in 1992, or the Republican party did in 1980: putting aside stupid differences in the interest of broad but identifiable social interests and goals so they can win an election and both get some things done and prevent stupid things from happening. On the other hand, maybe compromise and working with your ideological brothers, and not just your ideological twins, is not a Jewish or Israeli virtue. If not, there is not a lot of hope.
Stuart Wilder, USA, 31/12/2012 18:01:00
I agree
I couldn`t agree more with Doniel Hartman this time. We need to talk about peace, not ignore it. We must change the impossible hopeless status quo to one of peace and a better future. We can not just say that "there is no partner" for peace if we are not a real partner for peace. Ron Kronish, Jerusalem
ron kronish, Israel, 31/12/2012 17:26:00
Israeli politicians should heed this messayge
Excellent analysis. I hope Candidates pay attention. Israel`s security and well being depend on it.
Richard schwartz, USA, 30/12/2012 16:44:00

Donniel Hartman is President of Shalom Hartman Institute and Director of the Engaging Israel Project.

His latest book is Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself.

Donniel contributes a regular column to Times of Israel and writes for many other publications on a regular basis.

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