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2 Party System in Israel
Who`s bright idea was this 2 party system over there? It`s not working very well here in the U.S. and we really need more viable candidates in our elections. Spread all that PAC and lobbyist money around more. When we lived in Israel in the early 90`s it was fun to watch all the different parties try to put up electable candidates and the Knesset had voices from all the parties. Much more representative of the people than just 2 "strong parties" like we have. Many here are so disenfranchised they don`t even bother to vote. Good Luck over there. Shalom.
Maryelle, USA , 08/01/2013 05:48:00

Donniel Hartman is President of Shalom Hartman Institute and Director of the Engaging Israel Project.

His latest book is Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself.

Donniel contributes a regular column to Times of Israel and writes for many other publications on a regular basis.

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