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injection of the religious
Yes, I suppose we do have the right to inject the religious into the conversation. Whether the Maccabean victory itself, or the rabbinic appropriation of the the victory via the miracle of the oil story, we have the right to say the following: Judah and Company secured a military victory, i.e., a strong Israel is critically important. But the presence of the divine in history is also a continuing belief of the Jewish people. I do not propose to await obvious miracles, but rather, as Becker says, we`ve been around for three and a half millennia. That gives one the right to believe we will be around a bit longer.
Phil Cohen, United States, 26/12/2011 08:33:00
Israel`s future
Should you not be saying; We can`t secure our future until we accept reallity?
Bob B, Canada, 22/12/2011 16:21:00
tal Becker
Beautifully written. The redemptive power of israel is still unfolding. We shall see
oshulman, usa, 21/12/2011 15:50:00
Glorifying the the intolerance and militarism of the Macabim is a problem recognized even in Talmudic times. We need to acknowledge the excesses of Macabim and set our hearts on avoiding their excesses while celebrating their achievement. Even the militaristic Romans would temper their victors by reminding them of their mortality. We must constantly remind ourselves that neither victory nor existence is an end in itself. We must recount at Channukah the fact that the Hasmoneans were a corrupt violent and intolerant period which in the end weakened itself and led to 70 CE.
Eric Mendelsohn, Canada, 20/12/2011 14:05:00

Dr. Tal Becker is a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, an International Associate at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a senior fellow of the Hartman Institute's iEngage Project.
Dr. Becker hosted the Shalom Hartman Institute's Engaging Israel video webinar series. Click here for more information.
Read Tal Becker's complete biography here.