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IDF service
The US also exempted yeshiva students from the draft as "divinity students". The questions are: 1. Does Israel still need a draft? If so, how many does it need?In what capacities (for example, just as there are jobniks in various fields who are necessary to the IDF a Jewish state should recognize the contribution of those who are learning full-time)? 2. How many are really learning and not just registered?
Avi Keslinger, Israel, 17/08/2012 14:37:00
If the goal is truly sharing the burden of military service, then the solution you propose is excellent. Unfortunately, I believe than many have the goal of destroying the haredim and advocate the assimilationist route precisely because they are unwilling to tolerate haredism.
YM, USA, 24/06/2012 23:48:00