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David Hartman Center
Kogod Research Center
  Shalom Hartman Institute
of North America
  Center for
Israeli-Jewish Identity
The DAVID HARTMAN Center for Intellectual Leadership cultivates the next generation of Israeli thought leaders. The KOGOD Research Center for Contemporary Jewish Thought provides meaningful responses to the existential questions facing the Jewish world
SHI-NA partners with North American Jewish change agents, leveraging unique models of pluralistic, in-depth, text-based teaching, scholarship, and program development to address the challenges facing contemporary North American Jewry.
The Center nurtures pluralistic Jewish-Israeli identity among thousands of Israeli youth and senior IDF officers by introducing a multifaceted approach to Judaism that is meaningful and relevant to their daily lives.
David Hartman Center for Intellectual Leadership
Advanced Beit Midrash
Beit Midrash for New Israeli Rabbis
Rabbi Prof. David Hartman 1931-2013
Tributes to David Hartman
Kogod Research Center for Contemporary Jewish Thought
iEngage Project
Center Fellows
Department of Publications
Research Team for Applied Military Ethics
Fellowship Opportunity
International Theology Conference
International Philosophy Conference
Community Leadership Programs
2015-16 LA Collaborative Lecture Series
2015-16 Manhattan Collaborative Lecture Series
2016 San Diego iEngage Series
2016 Seattle: Jews and Muslims in America
Created Equal Graduate Student Seminar
2016 Boston iEngage Series
2016 Boca Raton: Israel & Diaspora: New Narratives
2016 Brooklyn Collaborative Lecture Series
2016 Los Angeles iEngage Conference
2016 San Francisco iEngage Conference
Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP)
2014-15 Westside Synagogue Lectures
Hartman Summer 2016
Dilemmas of Faith
Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals
Masa-iEngage Fellows
Community Leadership Program (CLP) FAQ’s
Rabbinic Leadership Programs
5776 Rabbinic Holiday Webinars
Rabbinic Leadership Initiative (RLI)
Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS)
Rabbinic Advisory Board
Rabbinical Students Seminar (RSS)
Video Lecture Study Series
Muslim Leadership Initiative
Christian Leadership Initiative
Images of Israel for Christians
Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI)
iEngage Project
Be’eri Initiative for Pluralistic Jewish Education
Be’eri School for Teacher Education
Be’eri Resources
Lev Aharon IDF Senior Officers Program
Model Orthodox High Schools
Charles E. Smith High School for Boys
Midrashiya Girls High School
Hevruta Gap-Year Program
Hartman Conference for a Jewish-Democratic Israel
Coping with Troubling Texts Webinar
Hartman Conference for a Jewish-Democratic Israel
Cheider Mishelach