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Israeli - Jewish Identity
As part of its quest to create and implement initiatives that engage Jews around the world in a brand of Judaism and Zionism that holds contemporary significance for them, The Shalom Hartman Institute introduced the Be'eri program to nurture pluralistic Jewish-Israeli identity among Israeli youth. More than 100 Israeli high schools now participate in the program.
Be'eri is directed by Daniel Elazar. Educational Director is Rabbi Dr. Ariel Picard.
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The Hevruta Partnership in Global Jewish Learning and Leadership, a collaboration of the Shalom Hartman Institute and Hebrew College, is the first fully integrated and balanced gap-year program for North American and Israeli student leaders from a diverse range of Jewish backgrounds and perspectives. Over the course of 10 months, participants engage in rigorous inquiry and text study, while taking advantage of Jerusalem's rich intellectual and spiritual resources.
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The Lev Aharon program provides the topmost echelons of Israeli defense officers - likely to continue holding leadership positions in Israeli society - with the tools to instill in their troops and themselves a deep awareness of their Jewish-Israeli identity and an understanding of its complexity and diversity. The program nurtures an appreciation of how this understanding can and should affect the officers' immediate roles, while beginning a process that motivates them to influence their broader communities.
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The Hartman Institute's model Orthodox High Schools nurture a generation of future leaders within Israel's Orthodox community, a generation that is committed to democratic values, open to new ideas, and respectful of the diversity in Israeli and Jewish life. Serving 700 students, the schools provide rigorous Jewish and general studies programs that promote critical thinking, tolerance, individual creativity, community leadership, and social responsibility.
Charles E. Smith High School for Boys
Midrashiya for Girls