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Kogod Research Center for Contemporary Jewish Thought
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Kogod Research Center for
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Judaism's future rests on its ability to continually generate new thinking grounded in a rich past, which provides meaningful responses to the existential questions facing Jews in Israel and around the world. Producing such thinking is the mission of the Research Fellows.

Fellows' research and publications develop new directions in Jewish thought and present original interpretations of classic Jewish concepts and ideas, as well as innovative responses to the challenges facing Judaism and the Jewish people in light of the rebirth of the State of Israel.

Beit Midrash Programs

The Hartman Beit Midrash is designed to cultivate a new generation of pluralistic researchers and scholars and to empower them to take ownership of an emerging Jewish-Israeli discourse as they fill key positions in Israeli academia and society.
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Hartman Institute annual conferences showcase the scholarship of the Institute, bringing it to a wide audience. The Conference for a Jewish-Democratic Israel convenes leading thinkers, activists, and policymakers in Israel to generate a discussion on pressing matters of social concern in Israeli society.

The International Theology Conference and the International Philosophy Conference attract dozens of invited scholars from around the world who come together at the Hartman Institute campus in Jerusalem for an intensive week of joint high-level study.
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The Department of Publications is one of the main channels through which Hartman scholarship is made available to the public. It publishes three book series: the Kogod Library of Judaic Studies in English, the Hebrew Yahaduyot, and the Israel & Judaism series. The Department also maintains a catalogue of titles by Shalom Hartman Institute Founder Rabbi Prof. David Hartman (z"l).

Dvarim Ahadim, a Hebrew digital publication, showcases the scholarship of SHI Fellows and visiting scholars. The Hartman video lecture study series are affiliated products produced by related departments within the Institute.
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