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2014-15 Westside Synagogue Lectures
2015-16 LA Collaborative Lecture Series
2015-16 Manhattan Collaborative Lecture Series
2016 San Diego iEngage Series
Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP)
Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals
Hartman Summer 2015
Masa-iEngage Fellows
Rabbinic Leadership Programs
5776 Rabbinic Holiday Webinars
Rabbinic Advisory Board
Rabbinic Leadership Initiative (RLI)
Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS)
Rabbinical Students Seminar (RSS)
Video Lecture Study Series
Muslim Leadership Initiative
Christian Leadership Initiative
iEngage Project
SHI Voices
Donniel Hartman
Evil and the Dangers of Political Correctness
Yehuda Kurtzer
On Terrorism and Nationalism, Reflections on Hanukkah in Light of the 20th Anniversary of the Rabin Assassination
Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Jews and Muslims in America
Study With Us
Next Lecture in LA: Tal Becker - No Justice, No Peace?  13.12.2015
Justice and Righteousness: The Ethical Agenda of the Jewish People - two multidenominational conversation series
Next Manhattan Lecture with Tal Becker 15.12.2015
Shalom Hartman Institute of North America presents an iEngage Series: Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Con¬flictm at six New York synagogues. Premiering October 13, 2015
Next Rabbinic Webinar: Shraga Bar-On on Purim, March 9, 2016 09.03.2016
Previous: SHI-North America President Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer on Hanukkah, Dr. Ruth Calderon on Yom Kippur
North America News
Hartman Institute Explores Hanukkah
Take a deeper look at Hanukkah, a holiday often misunderstood, with these articles and video offerings from Shalom Hartman Institute scholars
Atlanta Retreat Connects Rabbis Across Denominational Lines
The retreat, which featured SHI-North America scholars, ‘provided a rare opportunity to connect with one another across denominational and organizational lines’
SHI-NA Praises its Partner, Advancing Women Professionals, As It Closes
Ha’aretz reports on the successes and the closing of Advancing Women Professionals, a U.S. Jewish women’s advocacy group. SHI-North America’s Elana Stein Hain, Director of Leadership Education, and Mijal Biton, Doctoral Fellow, spoke at the closing session
SHI-North America Seeking to Fill Several Positions
Marketing Manager, San Francisco Manager, Program Coordinator–West Coast