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Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP)
Community Leadership Program (CLP) FAQ’s
Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals
Hartman Summer 2016
2014-15 Westside Synagogue Lectures
Masa-iEngage Fellows
2015-16 LA Collaborative Lecture Series
2015-16 Manhattan Collaborative Lecture Series
2016 San Diego iEngage Series
David Hartman Center
Kogod Research Center
Shalom Hartman Institute
of North America
Center for
Israeli - Jewish Identity

Hartman's Community Leadership Programs target a diverse range of leaders:


CLP Summer Retreat is a week-long intensive text-based study seminar for lay leaders.

The Westside Collaborative Lecture Series is a six-part series featuring senior Hartman scholars addressing core ideas of contemporary Jewish life.

The Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals cultivates a select cohort of early-and mid- career senior Hillel professionals as thought-leaders in their local communities.