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Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP)
CLP Summer 2012 Videos
Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals
#HartmanSummer 2015
Westside Synagogue Collaborative Lecture Series
Masa-iEngage Fellows
Summer 2015 Live: Donniel Hartman, Minorities in Israel
The Los Angeles Collaborative Lecture Series
The Manhattan Collaborative Lecture Series
David Hartman Center
Kogod Research Center
Shalom Hartman Institute
of North America
Center for
Israeli - Jewish Identity

Hartman's Community Leadership Programs target a diverse range of leaders:


CLP Summer Retreat is a week-long intensive text-based study seminar for lay leaders.

The Westside Collaborative Lecture Series is a six-part series featuring senior Hartman scholars addressing core ideas of contemporary Jewish life.

The Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals cultivates a select cohort of early-and mid- career senior Hillel professionals as thought-leaders in their local communities.