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SHI Voices
Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
War and Our Jewish Souls
Donniel Hartman
Did We Win the War? ‘Everything OK?’
Sharon Brous
Israel in Trying Times: Unity Not Uniformity
Study With Us
Teshuva and Heshbon HaNefesh in a Time of Darkness 04.09.2014
A High Holiday Webinar for Rabbis with Yehuda Kurtzer
5775: Rabbinic Holiday Webinars 04.09.2014
Learn creative new ideas and explore the holidays with the unique Hartman approach to text and the contemporary challenges facing the Jewish community
Shmita Yom Iyun: Exploring the Sabbatical Tradition 14.09.2014
The JCC in Manhattan hosts a day of learning including SHI Fellow Shraga Bar-On
Community and Consensus in a Time of Crisis 15.09.2014
Yehuda Kurtzer to speak at the Annual Meeting of the Jewish Federation and Jewish Endowment Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Repentance, Reflection and the Future of the Jewish Past 20.09.2014
Yehuda Kurtzer will teach at the Park Avenue Synagogue Selichot service, kicking off the congregation’s learning series, PAS Conversation: 100 Years: Crisis, Change and Continuity
SHI News
RTS 2014 Videos: ‘A Time for War, A Time for Peace’
#HartmanSummer 2014 videos of Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS) lectures and special programs
Israel-Hamas War Prompts Rabbinic Reflections
At least 10 rabbis and others who attended #HartmanSummer 2014 programs have published commentaries on their experiences
U.S. Christian Leaders Begin Yearlong Study of Judaism in Israel
The intensive educational program is co-sponsored by AJC and the Shalom Hartman Institute
Employment Opportunities at SHI-NA
Shalom Hartman Institute of North America is seeking qualified applicants for positions in both New York and San Francisco
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