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Politicians Must Stop Asking `What Can The Country Do For Me?`
31.10.2019, by Donniel Hartman
Before we can coalesce around a unity government, and even more significantly, before we embark on yet a third round of election campaigning, every single one of us must engage in a serious process of self-reflection and stop asking how the country can serve you and instead ask, “What are the consequences of our responsibility to serve our country?” read more>
From Yom Hashoah to Yom Ha’atzmaut - the New ‘High Holidays’ of Israel
05.05.2019, by Donniel Hartman
Israel must be that which remembers, and through that memory constantly commands itself to be worthy of the price paid, to embrace life, and to live it to the fullest read more>
One People, Two Resurrections
30.04.2019, by Donniel Hartman
The Zionist narrative of Holocaust and resurrection has never been able to appreciate and recognize Jewish resurrection beyond the national home’s borders; when Zionism looks at the Diaspora, it still sees it as the European Jewry in the early 20th century, which is still exposed to an inevitable and imminent holocaust, either as the result of anti-Semitism or as the result of assimilation read more>
Honoring Heroes on Holocaust Remembrance Day
29.04.2019, by Donniel Hartman
Today’s Jews, who walk in the world with pride and dignity, are standing on the shoulders of giants who led the way. We must not merely remember their suffering but be worthy of the inheritance of their heroism read more>
Pesach: From Freedom to Purpose
18.04.2019, by Donniel Hartman
We now need Jewish moral values to help heal our divides and unite us under a common purpose. We may disagree on the facts, but we need not disagree on our purpose read more>
Which Torah Shall Emanate Out of Zion?
27.02.2019, by Donniel Hartman
Mr. Prime Minister, because of your actions, it is no longer clear whether it will be a Torah of hatred and injustice or a Torah of kindness and gentleness, a Torah of darkness or of light. Israel and the Jewish people need a leader for whom the answer is clear read more>
The Dire Effects of Playing the Fear Card
04.12.2018, by Donniel Hartman
The government’s false claims of ‘threats from within’ unravel Israel’s social cohesion and degrade its moral bedrock read more>
Yom Kippur: Why Doesn’t It Work Outside of the Synagogue?
16.09.2018, by Donniel Hartman
It is deeply troubling to recognize the profound failure of Yom Kippur as a force for change. If Yom Kippur is to be the force that our tradition aspires it to be, it must cease to be the end and culmination of the process, and instead serve as its beginning. read more>
The Moral Challenge of Gaza
27.05.2018, by Donniel Hartman
We may not be principally responsible for the reality which is Gaza, but like all moral human beings, we must constantly ask ourselves whether and how we can be part of the solution read more>
The Politics of Jewish Power
08.05.2018, by Donniel Hartman
The two centers of Jewish life, Israel and Diaspora, have introduced complicated expressions of Jewish power in the modern era. Both communities and their use of power are responses to and byproducts of recent history read more>
Mr. Prime Minister, I am Ashamed of You
12.04.2018, by Donniel Hartman
Israel and Zionism transcend our political leaders and are not defined even by the current will of the majority. Israel embodies the mission to build a safe and secure homeland for the Jewish people which is committed to the noblest of Jewish, moral, and democratic principles read more>
Democracy and The Jewish People: What’s Next?
07.11.2017, by Donniel Hartman
Democracy and the Jewish People: What`s Next? Recorded live during Zionism 3.0: Democracy in the Spotlight, October 15, 2017, at Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto, CA read more>
Simcha in Torah
01.10.2017, by Donniel Hartman
Simchat Torah is not merely the day where we celebrate our own joy in Torah, but commit ourselves to empowering it and allowing all Jews to find their own personal Simcha in Torah. read more>
For the Sin of Certainty
28.09.2017, by Donniel Hartman
Which difference do we tolerate, and which do we not, is the question. The sin of certainty both blinds us to this question and renders us incapable of such discernment. The price? The price is the dysfunctional harmful social discourse and behavior dominating our lives today read more>
The Jewish Homeland Must not Seek Political Gain from Populist Aggression Against Refugees
19.09.2017, by Donniel Hartman
What is it about Israel as the home of the Jewish people that Netanyahu and his ministers believe to be so endangered? read more>
Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down the Wall Dividing Our People
10.07.2017, by Donniel Hartman
For world Jewry in 2017, a speech about your commitment to religious pluralism is no longer sufficient read more>
Suspending the Kotel Agreement: An Affront to Zionism
09.07.2017, by Donniel Hartman
The Kotel agreement is not solely a Diaspora Jewry concern, but rather an Israeli concern read more>
1917 - The Idea of a Homeland for the Jewish People
28.06.2017, by Donniel Hartman
Lecture at 2017 Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat, June 21, 2017, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem. The Summer program was titled, ‘1917, 1947, 1967: The Legacy of The Past and the Future of Modern Israel,’ and ran from June 21–28, 2017. read more>
Power, God, and Land
06.06.2017, by Donniel Hartman
From one of four iEngage conferences on the same theme from the dates May 17-24, 2017, in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Toronto read more>
Jewish Identity, Belonging, and Community in the 21st Century
18.05.2017, by Donniel Hartman
Jewish Identity, Belonging, and Community in the 21st Century, May 10, 2017, Bnai Jeshurun, New York City. Concluding lecture in the Jewish Identity lecture series of 2016-2017 read more>
Pesach’s ‘Wicked Child’ Shows Removing Oneself from Community is Judaism’s True Heresy
21.03.2017, by Donniel Hartman
‘In our tradition, heresy is to separate yourself from the community, because that’s what our tradition is. Our tradition is a religion for a people.’ read more>
For Israeli-Palestinian Peace, We Need to Count to 3
21.02.2017, by Donniel Hartman
The problem with Netanyahu’s math is that he seems to be able to count only up to two. I believe there is a third: “What is hateful unto you, do not do unto others.” read more>
The Tragedy of Amona
06.02.2017, by Donniel Hartman
If Amona stays, and with it the other settlements outside of the settlement blocs, we certainly will not have the peace we are praying for. We will not have a State of Israel living in peace and security, but rather an Israel engaged in ongoing conflict, alienated from Palestinians and our Arab neighbors, and a pariah in the international community read more>
To Pardon the Rebellious Son?
08.01.2017, by Donniel Hartman
It would be sinful to revoke punishment for a soldier convicted of breaking our moral code read more>
Let the Debate Around Settlements Begin
29.12.2016, by Donniel Hartman
As we are now implementing unilateral policies that are going to determine where the borders of Israel will ultimately lie, we need a serious debate about the consequences. Whether UNSC 2334 will have far-reaching political impact on Israel is not the question. Our position on the settlements will. Let the debate begin read more>
The Politics of But
28.11.2016, by Donniel Hartman
If we are to make our societies great again, it will not be by counting on the false sense of security provided by our constitutional and legal systems, but rather through tireless educational efforts to elevate the civility within our civil society read more>
It’s Time to Take the Road Not Taken
26.09.2016, by Donniel Hartman
If the absence of a peace process is not what ought to be, then we can choose to do something about it read more>
Video: Otherness and Exceptionalism
04.08.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: Otherness and Exceptionalism. Lecture from HartmanSummer 2016. June 29, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat read more>
Exceptionalism and Otherness (Video)
14.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Lecture to (RTS) HartmanSummer 2016. July 14, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar read more>
Fear and Hope: The Core Emotions of our Moral DNA
10.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Fear, like an infectious disease, rarely rests at the individual who is the cause of the danger. It spreads to those who look like them, to those who believe like them, to those who are not ‘us,’ to redefining who is the true and loyal ‘us’ read more>
Putting God Second Book Talk with David Ingber (Video)
07.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Putting God Second, Donniel Hartman interviewed by David Ingber, Book Talk, Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 7, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
‘Putting God Second’ Book Talk Video
03.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: Putting God Second Book Talk With Shaul Magid, June 29, 2016, at the Hartman Summer 2016 Community Leadership Retreat Program, Jerusalem, Israel, Shalom Hartman Institute read more>
‘The Question is Whether God is Meaningful’
16.06.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman, president of Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, spoke for a second time in a live webinar, June 15, 2016, about his book, ’Putting God Second’ read more>
The ‘Israel Problem’
16.05.2016, by Donniel Hartman
We are in a transition period in which the nature of Jewish identity, religiosity, and commitment are being redefined read more>
What’s Complicated and What’s Not
10.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Our future lies in knowing the difference between complicated issues like peace with the Palestinians and not complicated ones like justice toward Israeli Arab citizens read more>
‘Putting God Second’ Webinar with Donniel Hartman
10.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Video program recorded March 31, 2016, in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Donniel Hartman Interviewed for Hadassah’s ‘Defining Zionism’ Series
04.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman participated in Hadassah’s online speaker series read more>
‘We‘re Becoming Less Self-Critical’
24.03.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman speaks about his new book, ‘Putting God Second,’ with Mark Golub of JBS-TV read more>
Peace in the Middle East
09.03.2016, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Video recording of radio program appearance by Donniel Hartman, Imam Abdullah Antepli, and Molly T. Marshall read more>
Purim’s Heroes and Villains
28.02.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Purim’s Heroes and Villains - 2009 lecture recently found read more>
Getting Serious about BDS and Breaking the Silence
30.12.2015, by Donniel Hartman
We need an Israeli society that embodies a values discourse with which our friends in the West can identify read more>
The Israel-Diaspora Hanukkah Divide
06.12.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Hanukkah needs to be about a victory for tolerance and the triumph of the weak read more>
Evil and the Dangers of Political Correctness
23.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Political correctness, however, is not merely misdirecting our efforts; it is corrupting our moral compass read more>
Jews and Muslims in America
16.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Must the Children of Abraham Be Enemies? As the conflict in the Middle East continues to move from political to religious, Judaism and Islam increasingly see each other as ideological enemies. Donniel Hartman and Abdullah Antepli explore whether North American Jews and Muslims can engage in a conversation of mutual respect read more>
Justice and Righteousness: Core Principles and Dilemmas
02.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman
read more>
My Gun and I
18.10.2015, by Donniel Hartman
I know that my gun is not the answer. I know that my gun alone will not give me the safety and security for which I yearn. I know that my gun is dangerous. I know that it can delude me into a false sense of power, wherein as long as my gun is bigger the status quo is sustainable read more>
Diaspora Jewry and Israel: Rethinking the Partnership
30.09.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Rather than diminish and disappear, Jewish communities around the world have grown and prospered. What has changed is their relationship to Israel read more>
The New Danger for Israel on Campus
31.05.2015, by Donniel Hartman
When confronting an outside foe, the battle lines are clear. But when the challenge is alienation and loss of sense of purpose within our community, there is no simple or short-term fix. We need not merely to protect our students, we need to find new ways to engage with them and to have them engage with the ideas of Israel read more>
Lafer Lecture: Israel - The Need for a New Conversation
10.05.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Inaugural Fred Lafer Memorial Lecture, April 26, 2015 read more>
Yom Ha’atzmaut - Between Redemption and Nakba
19.04.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Yom Ha’atzmaut - Between Redemption and Nakba: Living Within Two Competing Narratives, the final of four rabbinic webinars of 5775 (2014-2015) read more>
Pesach: A Tale of Two Stories
05.04.2015, by Donniel Hartman
More than any other holiday, Pesach is about remembering and passing that memory down to the next generation. Every Jew is commanded to see themselves as if they came out of Egypt, and to tell their Egypt story to their children read more>
The People have Spoken; it’s Time to Speak to the People
29.03.2015, by Donniel Hartman
The success of toxic electioneering signifies the advent of a battle over the very soul of the Jewish State read more>
Israel 2015 Election Webinar Video Replay
17.03.2015, by Donniel Hartman Yossi Klein Halevi
HD recording of the 2015 Election Webinar featuring Donniel Hartman and Yossi Klein Halevi read more>
Can Zionists and Muslims Talk? The Reasons for MLI
12.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
One of the central goals of the Hartman Institute is to create a Judaism open to the world and to the best ideas of modernity. At the Institute we work very hard to recognize, confront and overcome the narrowness, bigotry and moral failings within the Jewish community. In MLI, I saw partners to a similar quest and felt a deep affinity with them read more>
Talking about Israel: The Need for a New Conversation
09.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Instead of uniting us, Israel now divides us. How do we develop a new way of talking about Israel and what should be the boundaries of this conversation? read more>
An Election of Jewish Values
08.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
It has been a long time since we had an election as important to the future of Israel. Our vote will not be about a peace agreement, but rather on the values that would lead to it read more>
Oh, the Humanity
26.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Peace in the Middle East cannot become a reality until we reconnect to our humanity read more>
Talking About Israel: Jews and Muslims
13.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
The challenges of Jewish/Muslim dialogue, the role Zionism and Israel plays in interfaith relations, and why rising bigotry is not unique to one faith community, nor one-way read more>
Israel and the New Middle East Math
02.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
It is time for us to change the equation and to implement both new language and new policies if we are to shape a New Math in the Middle East read more>
The Ever-Changing Jews: The Jewish People in the 21st Century
02.11.2014, by Donniel Hartman
The first lecture of "Inside, Outside, In Between," the Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collaborative lecture series read more>
New Year, New Selichot
05.10.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Each year I wonder whether You hear our prayers. Do You listen to the alphabetical list and wonder: How come they moved from bet to gimel so soon, when there are at least four more sins beginning with bet? read more>
To Be a Peaceaholic: A New Year’s Resolution
22.09.2014, by Donniel Hartman
As the New Year begins, with its call for honest self-assessment, it is time to recognize that we do not merely have a public relations or image problem but a substantive challenge both within Israel, and in our relationship with our friends read more>
Did We Win the War? ‘Everything OK?’
07.08.2014, by Donniel Hartman
The popular Israeli greeting belies an illusion about the world we live in read more>
The War in Gaza: What I Know and What I Do Not Know
28.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
I don’t know if our society will have the fortitude and wisdom to navigate this path with the same skill and acumen as we exhibit when confronting our external enemies. I know that we must find the strength to do so read more>
A Prayer for the State of Israel
16.07.2014, by Donniel Hartman
On the last day of this summer’s Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar, after the onset of the latest hostilities between Israel and Hamas, Shalom Hartman Institute President Donniel Hartman wrote and read a special prayer as his goodbye to the program’s rabbis read more>
Yizkor - I Remember
08.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
On Yom Hazikaron, Donniel remembers his brother-in-law, Arele Katz, who died when his plane was shot over Lebanon read more>
A New Zionism
08.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on a new way for Diaspora Jewry to think about Zionism read more>
Israel: Values Nation
01.05.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on the values in the Jewish nation read more>
Jewish People and the Challenge of Identity
29.04.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Audio recording of lecture on Jewish peoplehood read more>
The Day After the Negotiations Fail
29.04.2014, by Donniel Hartman
We need to prepare for the day after, to ensure that the cessation of the current peace negotiations does not at the same time unleash an uncontrollable process and narrative which will create a broader reality alien to who we are and detrimental to who we want to be read more>
A Jewish State: It’s Our Problem, Not Theirs
18.03.2014, by Donniel Hartman
When Palestinian right of return is combated through the language of Jewish statehood, we are both shifting the conversation away from the central issue and at the same time, giving the Palestinians the tools to reject our legitimate concerns read more>
It’s Not About Kerry. It’s About Us
26.02.2014, by Donniel Hartman
Our challenge in a non-redeemed world, however, is to keep those values alive and to do everything in our power to shape our world and not be shaped by it read more>
A Jew-free Palestine?
03.02.2014, by Donniel Hartman
There is a new reality on the ground, and the realm of politics is not the domain for messianic aspirations but rather a framework in which ideas, values, and interests meet the real world and accommodate that world in an attempt to implement the best of what is possible read more>
Thank You For Marching
12.01.2014, by Donniel Hartman
We have a right to assess the extent of our tzedakah and the extent to which we open our doors. But as Jews, we do not have a right to deny our Jewish values and responsibility or to pursue a policy of moral indifference and embrace a valueless status quo read more>
Boycotting the Boycotters?
25.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
We need to recognize that we are not so weak that we cannot take chances for our ideals read more>
David Hartman and the Reform Movement: ‘Kindred Spirits’ in Questioning (Video)
15.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
This is a transcript of Donniel Hartman’s remarks at the 2013 URJ convention after accepting the movement’s Rabbi Alexander Schindler Award on behalf his father, David Hartman read more>
Why is Iran About Us?
01.12.2013, by Donniel Hartman
All claims that this is an American issue were nullified by the names of the organizations under whose banner we campaigned read more>
Netanyahu’s ‘Secret’ Letter to the President of Iran
20.10.2013, by Donniel Hartman
This is a letter that Donniel Hartman says he dreams will come one day from Israel’s Prime Minister read more>
It’s Time to Get Over Ourselves: The Lessons of the Pew Survey
06.10.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The challenge of our people’s Jewish future is how to create ideas which are capable of garnering excitement and commitment read more>
A Time to Remember and a Time to Forget
08.09.2013, by Donniel Hartman
There must be a moment when one lets go, when one knows that one has failed and stops berating oneself for that read more>
Syria, Moral Responsibilities and Ambiguous Circumstances
01.09.2013, by Donniel Hartman
In the Middle East our moral responsibilities and motivations are not always clear. It is not merely our hands which are dirty but reality itself. That said, there are times when our moral responsibilities are self-evident read more>
The Sacred Cow of Religious Zionism
16.06.2013, by Donniel Hartman
If religious Zionism is to lead, it needs to embrace a Judaism of ideas and values which stand on the merits of their content and not on the authority of their author read more>
A Letter to PA President Abbas: Don’t Prove the Naysayers Right
26.05.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Some Israelis are counting on you waste to this opportunity, but most would prefer you as a true peace partner
read more>
David Hartman’s Legacy in America and Israel
05.05.2013, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Video from “A Day of Study Celebrating the Impact of Rabbi Professor David Hartman,” with Donniel Hartman and JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen
read more>
Only Multiple Chief Rabbis Will Guarantee Religious Freedom in Israel
05.05.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The Judaism in the homeland of the Jewish people must be one which mirrors diversity and disagreement
read more>
It’s Not About the Peace Process, but About Peace as a Value
14.04.2013, by Donniel Hartman
When peace is a value we neither fear confidence-building measures nor preconditions, as long as they are in sync with our principles read more>
Pesach and Israel: A Tale of Two Realities?
20.03.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Pesach obligates us to remember God’s activism not only as the antidote to our helplessness but to be emulated when we confront injustice
read more>
There Was Once a Man: The Power of Ideas
03.03.2013, by Donniel Hartman
My father loved to learn and loved to teach, because he believed that ideas matter, and what we need as a Jewish people is a constant flow of new thinking read more>
Donniel Hartman’s Eulogy for His Father
19.02.2013, by Donniel Hartman
Text of the eulogy that Doniel Hartman delivered at the funeral of his father, SHI Founder David Hartman read more>
And the Winner Is…No One
27.01.2013, by Donniel Hartman
All the parties must recognize that they did not win and as such are obligated to compromise to best serve their constituents read more>
Israel’s New Two-Party System: A Force for Extremism
06.01.2013, by Donniel Hartman
The Center-Left must enter into the fray as unabashed coalition partner aspirants read more>
A Boring and Dangerous Election
30.12.2012, by Donniel Hartman
May the month until the election be filled with a competition over innovation and placing Israel on a trajectory to a better future read more>
Words Will Never Harm Me
17.12.2012, by Donniel Hartman
We must remember lessons of the past but live within the present and accept its new challenges and opportunities read more>
The Right Way to Play The Game: Keep Our True Goals In Mind
09.12.2012, by Donniel Hartman
As in ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ we must move cautiously but also be open for opportunities read more>
Thank You, Prime Minister
25.11.2012, by Donniel Hartman
We are in his debt for his willingness to pursue the path which dares to question what one knows and is open to exploring the unknown read more>
Doing What We Can in an Unredeemed World
19.11.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Shaping our destiny in the midst of uncertainty is the privilege Israel has bestowed on modern Jewish life read more>
It’s Not Who But What is Good for Israel
15.11.2012, by Donniel Hartman
We must lead with ideas, even without the certainty of where this process will end read more>
Iran: Teshuva for the Sins Yet to be Committed
05.09.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Let us not merely repent for past mistakes but learn from them and employ military options only as a last resort read more>
True Friends: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
01.08.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Don’t tell me only what you think I want to hear, tell me what you think I need to hear read more>
If it Looks Like an Occupation, and Acts Like an Occupation, it is an Occupation
17.07.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Mourn the destruction of Jerusalem by building a better society not by hiding behind walls of legal argumentation read more>
Israelis Must Relinquish Fantasies About the Ultra-Orthodox
04.07.2012, by Donniel Hartman
How does one proceed when compromise is not perceived as a higher state of social existence but a lower one? read more>
The Demography of Fear
17.06.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Who the Jewish people are is not a crisis or a tragedy or a “cancer” in our midst. It is simply who we are read more>
It’s Muktsa: Building a Fence Around a Fence Around the Settlements Issue
06.06.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Settler policy is to make evacuations unthinkable. We need to start treating this as imaginable read more>
Israeli Society Needs a New Approach to Refugees
29.05.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Policy must recognize our responsibilities as Jews and to the Jewish people read more>
Israel and World Jewry: Foundations for a New Narrative
22.05.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Keynote address at JCC Association convention in New Orleans read more>
For This I Am Thankful
23.04.2012, by Donniel Hartman
As we celebrate Israel’s 64th birthday, I am thankful for the home it has given me read more>
A Pesach Message: Jewish Peoplehood Comes First
05.04.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Jewish values and practices must not only shape our collective identity but must be shaped by them read more>
Returning to Normalcy: The Old “Cycle of Violence”
11.03.2012, by Donniel Hartman
Evil exists, and it is our responsibility as Israelis and moral duty as Jews to act, even if we cannot destroy it completely read more>
Overturning the Haredi Draft Exemption is a Mistake
27.02.2012, by Donniel Hartman
The time for Haredi assimilation is not yet here read more>
The Iranian Crisis and the Lessons to be Learned
14.02.2012, by Donniel Hartman
We cannot shun our allies and friends’ desires on Sunday and expect cooperation on Monday read more>
A Jewish State: The Challenge of Haredim
30.01.2012, by Donniel Hartman
The challenge to Israel posed by haredim lies in Israel’s failure to define the meaning and limits of its Jewishness read more>
Do We Have a Peace Partner?
08.01.2012, by Donniel Hartman
What do we need to do in order to be able to identify a true peace partner or tipping point if it comes our way? read more>
The Line Between Heroism and Fanaticism
26.12.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Israeli society has not of late produced heroes with a vision of the values necessary to create a liberal Jewish democracy read more>
What We Really Want to Hear From Our Friends
11.12.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We covet declarations of support and seem to have forgotten issues of substance, policy, and values, principally our values as Jews read more>
The Danger of Stability and the Challenge of the ‘Right’
20.11.2011, by Donniel Hartman
As Israel’s government enters its fourth year it is beginning to experience the stability and self-satisfaction that is self-destructive read more>
Living with Missiles
30.10.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We prevent terror when we knock missiles from the sky. We defeat terror when we continue to build a society of values read more>
Gilad - Welcome Home
16.10.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We dared to go beyond moderation and placed Jewish values at the center of our individual and national consciousness read more>
The Days of Awe: We Need Less Awe and More Action
02.10.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Our problem is that all too often we are satisfied with atonement as an end read more>
A Response to Palestinian Unilateralism: A Time to Lead
19.09.2011, by Donniel Hartman
It is time to stop defeatist and paralyzing fear and take responsibility for a destiny not defined by what is forced on us but by who we want to be read more>
From Turkey to Rothschild: The Gifts and Challenges of Sovereignty
04.09.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Israel’s responsibility to stand with our citizens must not stop at the decks of flotilla boats. The hundreds of thousands who voiced deep anger at the government must be listened to read more>
Israel and World Jewry: The Need for a New Paradigm
24.08.2011, by Donniel Hartman
The root of the current alienation between Israel and the Diaspora lies in the fact that the relationship is based on a foundation that is no longer sufficiently compelling, and that we have failed to offer a new one alongside it that can inspire contemporary Jewry read more>
A Marathon Testing Strength, Wisdom
22.08.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Israel will prevail when government listens not merely in dangerous times read more>
Israel’s New Normalcy
25.07.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Tomorrow has come, and the challenge and opportunity now is whether we will be an aspirational and values nation read more>
Are We a Nation That Dwells Apart?
10.07.2011, by Donniel Hartman
When we lead with ideas and base our policies on values instead of self-righteousness, we are a country with which others are willing to align read more>
Judaism is Not a Twitter-able Religion
26.06.2011, by Donniel Hartman
The journey of a meaningful Jewish life needs a wide bandwidth. It requires knowledge, time, and commitment read more>
Jonathan Pollard: The Duties of Compassion
19.06.2011, by Donniel Hartman
A call for compassion in no way undermines the balance required by our dual loyalties, and that a sense of duty to that which is beyond the requirements of the law is not a sign of disrespect for the law itself read more>
Reflections on the Evil at Our Doorstep
12.06.2011, by Donniel Hartman
In Syria today, we have moved far beyond the conflict between dictatorship and democracy and the rights of a country to conduct its own internal affairs read more>
A Moment to Breathe - and Act
30.05.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Netanyahu created awareness of conflict’s complexities but Israel must use the time wisely read more>
J Street and AIPAC: Unite
05.05.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We need tools of thought, innovation, compassion, and tolerance which inspire and enable ever greater numbers to move from the camp of indifference to the community of the committed. We cannot afford the casualty list which the self-righteous seek to inflict upon us read more>
The Memory of Pesach: A Tale of Two Stories
14.04.2011, by Donniel Hartman
As a free people the power is now in our hands to be a force for good or for evil. It is in our hands to show that Jewish pride and a sense of God’s love for us need not lead to arrogance and blindness to the needs and rights of others read more>
Talking About Israel: Goldstone, J-Street, AIPAC, and the Space in Between
03.04.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We are a people who believe that criticism is an act of love and loyalty. We are also a people who believe that there is a criticism out of love, and a criticism which is not. Locating the difference is one of the central challenges of our time read more>
Dear President Obama
22.03.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Show us that you know that what has been a seemingly intractable problem will not be solved on a short timetable. If you do so you will find us Israelis to be a true partner read more>
A Letter to our Family in the West Bank
13.03.2011, by Donniel Hartman
The murder of the Fogels was a tragedy for the Jewish family as a whole. Exploiting their deaths for political gains desecrates their names and the holiness of the lives taken read more>
The Forgotten Commandment
27.02.2011, by Donniel Hartman
Religious fundamentalism often suffers from a moral blindness similar to that of tyrants. The dichotomous world of ‘us’ and ‘them’ structures a universe in which they have no one to whom they must answer and take into account read more>
A Letter to the Egyptian People
13.02.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We wish that your transition to freedom be a peaceful and beneficial one to all your citizens and that your freedom be a blessing to you, and to the whole world. Amen. read more>
Living with Uncertainty
02.02.2011, by Donniel Hartman
With the rapid changes in the Middle East breaking the recent status quo, we need to put an authentically Israeli hope grounded in our power and founded on our sovereignty back into our politics read more>
On Whose Side Are We?
31.01.2011, by Donniel Hartman
We must remain committed to our friends but not idealize the moral compromises forced upon us read more>
To My Dear Granddaughter
17.01.2011, by Donniel Hartman
I pray that Hillel’s teaching will be your compass. While people are different, you will rarely go wrong if you treat them by the same standards that you would desire if the roles were reversed read more>
The Moral Consequences of Ignorance
30.12.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Israel’s moral compass has been lost as the far Right’s racism has grown from the far Left’s anti-Zionism read more>
The Moral Consequences of Ignorance
26.12.2010, by Donniel Hartman
The real coalition in Israel is that of the far Left and the far Right. The Right’s backing for anti-democratic, racist actions comes from its acceptance of the far Left’s post- and anti-Zionist arguments read more>
What No Rabbi in the World Outside Israel Would Ever Say
09.12.2010, by Donniel Hartman
(Or What Israel Can Learn from World Jewry) read more>
What No Rabbi in the World Outside Israel Would Ever Say
09.12.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Or What Israel Can Learn from World Jewry - regarding the flaring rabbinic controversy over renting properties to non-Jews read more>
The End of Hanukkah
02.12.2010, by Donniel Hartman
The purpose of lighting a candle on Hanukkah is not to celebrate a miracle of yesteryear but to declare a commitment to ensuring that maintaining a Jewish identity is a part of my being read more>
What Does Israel Owe the Jews of the World?
21.11.2010, by Donniel Hartman
It is embarrassing for Jews to see the Israeli government hondle with a friend. It makes an American Jew uncomfortable and vulnerable when Israel puts its values on the trading block read more>
Haredim and Mainstream Israelis Alike Must Rethink Their Roles
01.11.2010, by Donniel Hartman
The ultra-Orthodox must understand that the same freedom of religion they demand will be allocated only if they accept freedom of religion for others. The rest of Israel must take responsibility for Israel’s Jewish and democratic nature read more>
Israel Cannot Afford to Ignore Lessons of Rabin’s Murder
17.10.2010, by Donniel Hartman
The dangers of unbridled nationalism, and religious and political fanaticism, affect us all. Let us mourn the capacity of Judaism to be co-opted as a servant for nationalism instead of as its guide and source for values and moral excellence read more>
An Israeli Platform for Peace: A Foundation for Unity
03.10.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Because we are so divided, it is critical to create the foundations for a shared narrative. Let us disagree about policy but not principles and share a core vision of our national aspirations even though we may disagree as how best to achieve them read more>
The Future of Zionism Depends on Moral Excellence
19.09.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Any settlement expansion other than in the areas of Jerusalem, Etzion bloc, Maaleh Adumim, and Ariel, undermine the authenticity of our commitment to bring the occupation to an end and are thus simply immoral read more>
Tshuva as the Foundation for the Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Discourse
26.08.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Belief that Palestinian society can never change is not only self-fulfilling and destructive, it is antithetical to the concept of tshuva. We must believe that nothing is inevitable, no future is predetermined and people of goodwill can transform themselves and our future read more>
The Willingness to Hear
29.07.2010, by Donniel Hartman
To hear another’s pain is not to legitimize it. It means one recognizes the other as a part of a world we share and that we can learn from hearing that voice read more>
Relationship of Israel and World Jewry Depends on Meaning, Not Claims of Necessity
19.07.2010, by Donniel Hartman
World Jewry must choose its battles carefully; Israel needs policies of healing to avoid deepening a growing alienation that threatens to spin out of control read more>
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, When You See Obama, Put Forth Ideas, Not Arguments
04.07.2010, by Donniel Hartman
In a time of changing narratives, this is the time to put forth creative ideas and visionary policies. It is the time to reclaim our place as leaders in the solution, instead of letting others define us unjustifiably as the foundation of the problem read more>
Haredi School Fight Undermines Israeli Democracy
17.06.2010, by Donniel Hartman
End the ludicrous reality in which Israel funds education that undermines its existence and uses its funds to implement policies it abhors and which violate its core principles and interests read more>
Using ‘Prepared Scripts’ After Gaza Flotilla Seizure Perpetuates Hateful Rhetoric
31.05.2010, by Donniel Hartman
It is time to begin a new conversation, one in which Israel’s legitimate acts of self defense are no longer labeled automatically as war crimes; nor should attempts to better the plight of Palestinians be labeled by definition as anti-Israel read more>
The New Rules of Engagement
17.05.2010, by Donniel Hartman
We must get down to core arguments as to why Jewish peoplehood, sovereignty, power and a Jewish democratic state, as expressed or potentially expressed in the new reality which is Israel, are legally sound and morally upstanding read more>
Yom Hazikaron: The Tree is Tall
03.05.2010, by Donniel Hartman
On Yom Hazikaron, remembering that the miracle of Israel and the Jewish people is that we have not let our suffering define us and inhibit our commitment to life and to building a future worthy of our people read more>
A Time to Build, a Time to Lead: The Difference Between Engaging and Advocacy
12.04.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Let us build a monument to the peace that has so far eluded us - cities and towns which will embrace inhabitants who will pay the price of relocation so all of us can build a better future read more>
Engaging Israel: Beyond Advocacy
09.03.2010, by Donniel Hartman
The Jewish community and Israel have failed to develop a new Jewish narrative for the Jewish people around the world on which to base their relationship with Israel read more>
Who Is A Rabbi?
22.02.2010, by Donniel Hartman
Let us make sure that our rabbis are neither viewed nor view themselves as prophets who own the word of God, and who are the sole communicators of this word to a disempowered people read more>
A sense of space: Envisioning an Israel that enables religious difference
02.02.2010, by Donniel Hartman
A kibbutz funeral where a Rolling Sones song is played provides a glimpse of how Israel should embrace an expansive view of pluralistic Judaism read more>
In the midst of the freeze
21.01.2010, by Donniel Hartman
A standstill must not be all that we yearn for. If we lower our expectations they will be fulfilled read more>
Reclaiming our vision of a Jewish State
29.12.2009, by Donniel Hartman
We need to develop a new Jewish conversation in Israel, one which religious, traditional, secular, and all others in between can participate in together read more>
The fight over Israeli law vs. Jewish law
09.12.2009, by Donniel Hartman
A state governed by Jewish law is a not a state where all Jews can live in. God made room for the world through self-contracting. We must cease yearning for the day in which all of our ideological realities will prevail read more>
Doing what we must to bring Gilad Shalit home
01.12.2009, by Donniel Hartman
Our enemies may interpret the price we pay as weakness. We know it is not that we ignored the price but rather that it is our greatest strength read more>
Religious Zionist soldiers must swear allegiance to army, State, or stay out of IDF
16.11.2009, by Donniel Hartman
Religious Zionism must decide if commitment to holiness of Land of Israel overrides other concerns; if so, they must declare conscientious objection to serving in IDF read more>
Israel Must Return to Culture of Constructive Criticism Lost Since Rabin’s Death
03.11.2009, by Donniel Hartman
Israel is a society of deep differences. When each sector becomes defensive at its own moral challenges, we have institutionalized moral mediocrity and failings. We can harness our differences into a powerful force for improvement if we build a healthy and vibrant culture of dialogue, respectful debate and mutual criticism read more>
Bringing our boys home
05.10.2009, by Donniel Hartman
One life has infinite value, and as such there can be no disproportionate payment. If one of our children comes home there is no price, there is no numerical equivalent we have to worry about read more>
This Summer in Jerusalem: Heat and Holiness
21.07.2009, by Donniel Hartman
Jerusalem is not just the place where rabbis of all types convene; it is the place that enables the convention. It is in this capacity that I experienced the holiness of Jerusalem read more>
The ultra-Orthodox, Gays and the Future of Jerusalem
24.06.2009, by Donniel Hartman
If Jerusalem is going to belong to and unify us all, it must be a place that Shabbat observers, non-observers, or those who observe Shabbat in non-halakhic ways all feel at home read more>
Are Jews Ready for Obama?
04.06.2009, by Donniel Hartman
U.S. President’s speech spoke of hope and morality of aspirations. Can Jewish world embrace Obama vision for Middle East, Jews, Israel, and Islam? read more>
On Shavuot, Reverse the Paucity of Ideas That Threatens Judaism, Israel
26.05.2009, by Donniel Hartman
In a world where all Jews are Jews by choice we will be sustained only if we field a religion filled with ideas and values that inspire commitment and give meaning to belonging read more>
The two-state solution: A Jewish and moral obligation
21.04.2009, by Donniel Hartman
I am arguing for the proud and vocal adoption of the two-state solution. To do so is to maintain Jewish values. To fail to do so is would damage the moral and Jewish fiber of Israeli society read more>
The death of the right wing in Israel
23.03.2009, by Donniel Hartman
As is evidenced over the last four weeks of Netanyahu’s coalition discussions, it is clear that there is no right-wing majority within Israeli society read more>
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…
16.02.2009, by Donniel Hartman
It will not serve their parties or Israel’s democracy to have a protracted process of posturing and mutual denigration. Tzipi and Bibi sit down together now. We all know that you know you have no choice read more>
Gaza War: We Won, We Left, Now What?
20.01.2009, by Donniel Hartman
As Israelis who yearn for peace for ourselves and our neighbors, we would love this war in Gaza be the ‘end of the beginning.’ As we have learned from the Bible, such moments only occur tomorrow - never today read more>
Fighting a just war against Hamas justly
13.01.2009, by Donniel Hartman
The war against Hamas is justifiable as long as the threat still exists, and only so long as further operations can have an effect on this threat read more>
The Pain and Dilemma of an Israeli Father and Citizen
30.12.2008, by Donniel Hartman
It is difficult for Israeli parents to send our children to war. Some might see this as a great weakness; I see the new ethos as the source of strength read more>
The unholy alliance in Hebron
18.12.2008, by Donniel Hartman
The alliance is between radical Israeli settlers and the vast majority of Israelis, whose hopes for peace in the near future were shattered as a result of the Intifada read more>
Divide Jerusalem to Unite it
26.11.2008, by Donniel Hartman
Jerusalem must be a divided city - divided among all aspects and ideologies of Israeli society, for only as a divided city can it be united as the capital of all Israelis read more>
Letter to the New American president
04.11.2008, by Donniel Hartman
I am writing because I believe in the significance of your actions for the future of Israel read more>
On Rosh Hashana, Challenge the Lives We Have Created
28.09.2008, by Donniel Hartman
A Jewish society understands that to be fully human is not to accept our failings but to aspire to overcome them read more>
Blood of the Children: The Unheard Cries
04.09.2008, by Donniel Hartman
One of the core features of the Jewish people is that we have always defined our own standards and fought for our right to live by them. The State of Israel is the product of this history and this people can afford to do no less read more>
In the wake of the bulldozer terror attacks
31.07.2008, by Donniel Hartman
Not to build a fence and expose ourselves to evil and cowardly acts buries our dreams; yet we cannot live without our dreams. That is one of the most beautiful aspects of Israeli society read more>
Learning a lesson from a shooting
22.07.2008, by Donniel Hartman
For some, shooting of Palestinian prisoner by IDF soldier is a moment to close ranks; for others it is a moment for finger-pointing. I believe it is an opportunity for education and growth read more>
Sharing Jewish Space: Membership, Conversion, and the Search for Community
12.06.2008, by Donniel Hartman
Over the last two centuries, the Jewish people and their religion have become diverse as never before. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to define a shared ethos around which the Jewish community can remain unified read more>
Israel cannot be arbiter of conversions to Judaism
28.05.2008, by Donniel Hartman
The firing of Rabbi Druckman is a wakeup call to all Jews, religious and non-religious alike, to recognize the Jewishness of Israel and its policies are in serious danger because of ultra-Orthodox arrogance and political power read more>
The Challenge and Crisis of Conversion in Israel
31.03.2008, by Donniel Hartman
It is a travesty that one cannot convert into being a Reform, Conservative, traditional or secular Jew in Israel read more>
When an earthquake is not just an earthquake
26.02.2008, by Donniel Hartman
People who speak in the name of God, with great certainty as to how God acts in history, are expressing a vulgarity of arrogance, of presuming to understand how God acts in history - an understanding all of us know we clearly lack read more>
Choosing the Ideal U.S. President for Israel
11.02.2008, by Donniel Hartman
If we insist that all of our friends adopt but one position, we are creating a standard of loyalty for friends much narrower than the standard we are applying for ourselves read more>
Return education to Israeli priorities
15.01.2008, by Donniel Hartman
The decision of the Jewish people to return to nation building, as expressed in the rebirth of the State of Israel, has created two core challenges and raised question of survival for what? read more>
Seeing Israel as Jewish, Israeli State
04.12.2007, by Donniel Hartman
If the peace process has any goal, it is to create here, between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, two national entities. It is to forego any fantasy of a single bi-national state and to make room for two independent nations – each with its own aspirations – that covet the same land yet represent distinct legitimate national identities. read more>
Shmitta Fight Hides Real Issue
01.11.2007, by Donniel Hartman
For the first time since the creation of the State of Israel, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate has ruled that municipal rabbis can withhold a kashrut certificate from produce grown in the country during the shmitah year (sabbatical for the land). read more>

Donniel Hartman is President of Shalom Hartman Institute and Director of the Engaging Israel Project.

His latest book is Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself.

Donniel contributes a regular column to Times of Israel and writes for many other publications on a regular basis.

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