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‘Putting God Second’ Challenges Us to Think Critically About Tradition
19.09.2016, by Vernon Kurtz
Donniel Hartman challenges all of us to live a life of ethics, morality, and humility, motivated by a belief in God which ennobles our lives and those around us read more>
Sacred Tension
15.09.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
iEngage Summer Internship participant Emma Maier writes about her experience learning and working at Shalom Hartman Institute this past summer. read more>
3 Types of Shimon Peres Haters - and Why They’re Wrong
15.09.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
read more>
We Must Ignore the Destructive Teachings of Scriptures
13.09.2016, by Gerald L. Zelizer
The sacred literature and history of each contain both peaceful and violent components. It depends where the voice who speaks for the religion chooses to look read more>
Creating or Surrendering to the Creator (Rosh Hashana Video)
08.09.2016, by Micah Goodman
September 8, 2016, 5777 Rabbinic Holiday Webinar Series from Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Micah Goodman discussed the complications and contradictions in the first four chapters of Mishnah Rosh Hashana. read more>
Why the Witch Hunts?
07.09.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
There is no serious way to produce communal “consensus” on Israel, nor is it necessarily desirable. But neither is it the case that these political differences should translate into the vitriol that inevitably accompanies them, much less the frequent and toxic personalization of political difference that is making leadership a miserable activity for Jewish professionals read more>
‘Images of Israel’ is an Internal Christian Dialogue
05.09.2016, by Peter Pettit
The language of religious values will then be the bridge that spans the gap between their perspectives, and the two words that are spoken by Jew and Christian will at least, and at last, be in the same language read more>
A New Normal for Orthodox Leadership
01.09.2016, by Elana Stein Hain
What does a Jewish religious leader look like? read more>
Baffled by the High Holidays? That’s Life
29.08.2016, by Elana Stein Hain
People complain about not being able to relate to High Holiday services. But this “problem” does not need to be solved. It is the whole point of the season read more>
Hasidic Tales in Palestine
28.08.2016, by Yakir Englander
In my work for peace, it is my duty to experience the love that is in me in a manner not limited in quantity or quality, and in a way that does not dictate that more love for Palestinians means less “Love of Israel.” read more>
Doubling Down on Black Lives and America’s Teetering Soul
23.08.2016, by Sharon Brous
Standing angrily on the sidelines, repeating condemnations, nursing our wounds and waiting for an apology will not change this script read more>
To my Muslim Brethren: I See You
23.08.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
I see you, and will strive to see you in the ways that you want to be seen. We owe you the civility of not judging your politics based your clothing, only your self-expression of choosing to live within the parameters of your faith. I hear stories from friends and colleagues about the urgency of taking off the hijab in America read more>
Bending the Arc of History Toward Justice
07.08.2016, by Leon Wiener Dow
Many American Jews and their progressive allies have despaired about the viability of a liberal Israel. But the specter of a Trump presidency should give us all pause for thought about what it means to give up, and when read more>
Video: Otherness and Exceptionalism
04.08.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: Otherness and Exceptionalism. Lecture from HartmanSummer 2016. June 29, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat read more>
Make the Three Weeks a Time for Healing
04.08.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Enough mourning for the sake of mourning. Let us turn the Three Weeks into a time of Jewish healing read more>
Exceptionalism and Otherness (Video)
14.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Lecture to (RTS) HartmanSummer 2016. July 14, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar read more>
Ritual Self and Sincere Self (Video)
13.07.2016, by Elana Stein Hain
Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), #HartmanSummer, July 13, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Israeli Jewish Identity in Contemporary Literature (Video)
12.07.2016, by Rachel Korazim
Rachel Korazim: Israeli Jewish Identity in Contemporary Literature, Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 12, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
The Spiritual Power of Saying ‘I Don’t Know’
12.07.2016, by Steven Moskowitz
Although we traditionally define the Torah as the opening five books of the Bible, we should not limit it to that in our minds read more>
Fear and Hope: The Core Emotions of our Moral DNA
10.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Fear, like an infectious disease, rarely rests at the individual who is the cause of the danger. It spreads to those who look like them, to those who believe like them, to those who are not ‘us,’ to redefining who is the true and loyal ‘us’ read more>
Core Feature of Jewish Identity: A Philosophy of Jewish Time (Video)
10.07.2016, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman: Core Feature of Jewish Identity: A Philosophy of Jewish Time, Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 10, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Transforming Muslim-Jewish Relations
10.07.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Author Yossi Klein Halevi and Imam Abdullah Antepli, both with the Shalom Hartman Institute, discuss their personal journeys of transformation in “Across The Abyss.” Jewish Week Forum on Muslim-Jewish relations with Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, June 6, 2016 read more>
On Modern Jewish Identities (Video)
08.07.2016, by Moshe Halbertal
Moshe Halbertal: On Modern Jewish Identities, Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 8, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
The Stories We Tell About Ourselves (Video)
07.07.2016, by Melila Hellner-Eshed
Melila Hellner Eshed: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves, Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 7, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Putting God Second Book Talk with David Ingber (Video)
07.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Putting God Second, Donniel Hartman interviewed by David Ingber, Book Talk, Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 7, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Forms of Jewish Identity: Biology, Covenant and Memory (Video)
06.07.2016, by Christine Hayes
Christine Hayes: Forms of Jewish Identity: Biology, Covenant and Memory, Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 6, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Daniel Matt: Siyyum of the Translation of the Zohar on the Torah (Video)
06.07.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Daniel Matt: Siyyum of the Translation of the Zohar on the Torah, interviewed by Biti Roi, Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 6, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Jewishness: Closing Panel for CLP 2016
05.07.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Donniel Hartman, Yehuda Kurtzer, Elana Stein Hain: Jewishness. Panel for Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP) during HartmanSummer 2016: What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 5, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Video: Core Features of Being Jewish
05.07.2016, by Micah Goodman
Micah Goodman: Core Features of Being Jewish Lecture to Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat at Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem. July 5, 2016 read more>
What is an American Jew? (Video)
05.07.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer: What is an American Jew? Lecture to Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS), What is a Jew: Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century, July 5, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel read more>
Video: Israeli Jewish Identity
04.07.2016, by Rachel Korazim
Rachel Korazim: “Israeli Jewish Identity” Lecture, HartmanSummer 2016. July 4, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat read more>
Video: What is a Religious Jew?
04.07.2016, by Elana Stein Hain
Elana Stein Hain: “What is a Religious Jew? Exploring the Ritual Self” Lecture, HartmanSummer 2016. July 4, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat read more>
‘Putting God Second’ Book Talk Video
03.07.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman: Putting God Second Book Talk With Shaul Magid, June 29, 2016, at the Hartman Summer 2016 Community Leadership Retreat Program, Jerusalem, Israel, Shalom Hartman Institute read more>
Video: Forms of Jewish Identity - Biology, Covenant, and Memory
30.06.2016, by Christine Hayes
Christine Hayes: Forms of Jewish Identity - Biology, Covenant, and Memory. Lecture from HartmanSummer 2016. June 30, 2016, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat read more>
We Cannot Allow a Minority to Control Sacred Spaces
30.06.2016, by Leon Morris
Many Israelis yearn for a Judaism that is expansive and adaptive, open and inclusive, a Judaism that places human dignity at the center of religious life read more>
Video: What is an American Jew?
28.06.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Opening lecture, #HartmanSummer 2016. June 28, 2016. read more>
Summer Will Bring Bittersweet Transition for Rabbinic Leadership Initiative
21.06.2016, by Lauren Berkun
RLI leadership rabbis read more>
‘The Question is Whether God is Meaningful’
16.06.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman, president of Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, spoke for a second time in a live webinar, June 15, 2016, about his book, ’Putting God Second’ read more>
American Jewish Engagement with Israel
16.06.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, President of Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, gave the 2016 Robert Kogod Lecture on Monday, June 6, 2016, during the Hartman Institute’s annual Philosophy Conference read more>
Vol. 2. No. 1: What Is A Jew?
14.06.2016, by Call & Responsa
Vol. 2. No. 1: Donniel Hartman says the Jewish world must combine ‘mitzvah’ consciousness with ‘ethnic consciousness.’ Three rabbis offer commentaries on his assertion read more>
Moses at Sinai: God’s Partner or Adversary?
14.06.2016, by Christine Hayes
Final lecture in the Shalom Hartman Institute 5776 Rabbinic Webinar Series - Yale and SHI-North America scholar Christine Hayes: Moses at Sinai - God’s Partner or Adversary? (Shavuot 5776). June 1, 2016. read more>
The State of the Jewish World, 2016
14.06.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Jews are increasingly divided over their anxieties for Israel. We are divided between those who believe that creating a Palestinian state will be an existential threat, and those who believe that failure to create a Palestinian state is the greater threat read more>
The Forever-Falling-Apart People
13.06.2016, by Tal Becker
If we are to be a people that embodies the multiplicity of Jewish values and their contradictions, then we need Jews that champion self-protection and particularism, as well as Jews that are motivated by the universalist call in our tradition. We need extremists for both causes and all the stripes in between read more>
Reject the Violent Jewish Triumphalism of Jerusalem Day
06.06.2016, by Yakir Englander
The silence of the Jewish society of Israel in the face of this Jeruaslem Day harassment of Palestinians teaches us, that rather than internalizing the moral obligations revealed to us in the Sages’ tales about Gentiles persecuting Jews, we have merely exchanged roles read more>
How Shavuot Became the Festival of the Giving of the Torah
05.06.2016, by Shraga Bar-On
What is the Festival of Shavuot, then? Shavuot is the Festival of revelation read more>
On the Casting of Lots at Purim
02.06.2016, by Shraga Bar-On
Lots have been commonly used in Jewish culture as well. In the Bible, the casting of lots is used for the Yom Kippur sacrificial goats read more>
We Must Help Them Join Israeli Society
17.05.2016, by Tehilla Afriat and Yair Leibovitz
Yair and Tehilla, students at Hartman high schools, write about their experiences volunteering at the Hartman-Elifelet daycare center for children of refugees in south Tel Aviv read more>
David Hartman Interviewed by Krista Tippett (Video)
17.05.2016, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
2011 interview for the program, ‘On Being’ with Krista Tippett of National Public Radio read more>
The ‘Israel Problem’
16.05.2016, by Donniel Hartman
We are in a transition period in which the nature of Jewish identity, religiosity, and commitment are being redefined read more>
A Salute to the Soul of the IDF
15.05.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
I worry about the cracks in Israel’s democratic being. But as we enter Remembrance Day for the IDF’s fallen, followed immediately by Independence Day, I will recall the remarkable persistence of our Jewish and democratic spirit. And in a way I didn’t anticipate, I will owe that moment to Yair Golan read more>
From Yom Hashoah to Yom Ha’atzmaut - the New ‘High Holidays’ of Israel
08.05.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Israel must be that which remembers, and through that memory constantly commands itself to be worthy of the price paid, to embrace life, and to live it to the fullest read more>
The Half-life of The Shoah
05.05.2016, by Leon Wiener Dow
Despite it all, Israel, and so many of the Jews who reside here, have managed resiliently to reestablish trust in the world that we have good reason to spurn read more>
Read a New Yom Hashoah Yizkor for Righteous Gentiles
02.05.2016, by Rani Jaeger
I feel personally indebted to those people who stood there and at great personal risk, saved my mother, her family, and the entire Bulgarian Jewry. Simply put, I feel that but for them, I would not be here today read more>
Hans Jonas: Technology, Kabbalah and the Holocaust
01.05.2016, by Ron Margolin
Jonas was a student of Martin Heidegger who fled to Israel when the Nazis came to power. He fought in the Jewish Brigade and in the War of Independence and became one of the leading thinkers behind the growth of the European Green movement. Jonas combined thoughts on technology and biology with the Holocaust and the Ari’s Kabbalah. Unfortunately, a position could not be found for Hans Jonas at a university in Israel read more>
Yom Hashoah: The Problem of Evil
01.05.2016, by Noam Zion
The problem of evil is partially a result of a discrepancy of expectations and experience, of ideals and reality, of what we believe about a providential world created and guided by God and how we interpret what we encounter read more>
Honoring Heroes on Holocaust Remembrance Day
01.05.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Today’s Jews, who walk in the world with pride and dignity, are standing on the shoulders of giants who led the way. We must not merely remember their suffering but be worthy of the inheritance of their heroism read more>
How is Prayer Possible After the Holocaust
01.05.2016, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
First of the 2008-2009 Lindenbaum Lecture Series, Jerusalem, Israel, Nov. 10, 2008 read more>
Shavuot: Interview with David Hartman from 1993
01.05.2016, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Interview with Jerusalem Online. From Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem read more>
Moving Israel Education Beyond ‘Complexity’ to ‘Responsibility’
24.04.2016, by Joshua Ladon
An educational model based on responsibility pushes students to take seriously what it means to be a sovereign people in their own land read more>
The War Against Passover
22.04.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
At the heart of the anti-Zionist assault is the notion that the Jews aren’t a people but only a faith read more>
Don’t Airbrush Out Dome of Rock
21.04.2016, by Leon Morris
This Passover, let’s dream of a different sort of rebuilt Jerusalem read more>
The Question, ‘What is a Jew?’ Asks What Meaning Does Judaism Have for Me?
21.04.2016, by Call & Responsa
The question “What is a Jew” suggests a deeper question: “What meaning does my Judaism have in my life?” read more>
‘Add Human Consciousness to Reengage in Substantive Dialogue’
11.04.2016, by Call & Responsa
Vol. 2. No. 1: Adina Lewittes would add ‘human consciousness’ to ensure the breadth and depth of that which binds Jews to one another read more>
‘What Happens When People are Cedars, not Reeds?’
11.04.2016, by Call & Responsa
Vol. 2. No. 1: Joanna Samuels says she feels less hopeful than Donniel Hartman and that a Jewish philosophical enterprise must engage the reality in which it finds itself read more>
‘We are Called Upon to be a People with a Purpose’
11.04.2016, by Call & Responsa
Vol. 2. No. 1: David Steinhardt says that unlike other defined tribes, we are rooted in a value system. And unlike other religions, it’s not just about faith, values, and behavioral requirements, it’s also about mutual responsibility read more>
What’s Complicated and What’s Not
10.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Our future lies in knowing the difference between complicated issues like peace with the Palestinians and not complicated ones like justice toward Israeli Arab citizens read more>
‘Putting God Second’ Webinar with Donniel Hartman
10.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Video program recorded March 31, 2016, in Jerusalem, Israel read more>
At Pesach, We Must Take Responsibility as Individuals, People, and a Country
10.04.2016, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
NEW FOR 5776 (2016) Pesach (Passover) negates the idea that the ultimate purpose of being Jewish can be realized by an individual’s “leap of faith” or by fulfilling the commandments at Sinai read more>
Donniel Hartman Interviewed for Hadassah’s ‘Defining Zionism’ Series
04.04.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman participated in Hadassah’s online speaker series read more>
‘We‘re Becoming Less Self-Critical’
24.03.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Donniel Hartman speaks about his new book, ‘Putting God Second,’ with Mark Golub of JBS-TV read more>
Donald Trump as a Postmodern God
17.03.2016, by Tomer Persico
The phenomenon of Donald Trump, his meteoric rise in the Republican halls of fame, has many reasons. Rage against the establishment, White Man’s fears, lower class economic distress and more. But I believe we cannot fully understand the massive support for the man if we fail to notice one major dimension thereof, which constitutes the source of his unique charisma read more>
Why Jews and Muslims in America Must Talk about Israel
15.03.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein Halevi speaks at the Los Angeles Collaborative on March 6, 2016, on Justice and Righteousness: Why Jews and Muslims in America Must Talk about Israel read more>
Publish the Dissent
13.03.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
A Proposal for Strengthening Jewish Communal Decision-Making read more>
Rereading Passover: Redemption and the Rational Mind
10.03.2016, by Rabbi Prof. David Hartman
Passover, writes Rabbi Prof. David Hartman, is meant to celebrate and sustain our deep yearning for freedom, not necessarily to show that God can change the order of the universe. Passover is a holiday that inculcates the belief that man will overcome oppression, that freedom will reign throughout the world. The faith that tyranny will ultimately be vanquished is deeply embedded in the significance of Passover read more>
Four Daughters: New Archetypes, New Questions
10.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Each of the Four Daughters expresses a unique path from bondage to freedom in a national and human sense read more>
Purim as a Manifesto of Jewish Peoplehood
10.03.2016, by Shraga Bar-On
Shraga Bar-On: Purim as a Manifesto of Jewish Peoplehood - third of four rabbinic webinars in the 5776 Shalom Hartman Institute rabbinic webinar series. March 9, 2016. Audience comprised Hevruta Gap-Year / Pre-Army program students read more>
Peace in the Middle East
09.03.2016, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Video recording of radio program appearance by Donniel Hartman, Imam Abdullah Antepli, and Molly T. Marshall read more>
What if Trump Was One of Us?
08.03.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The presidential candidacy of Donald Trump – initially implausible, now increasingly inexorable – presents at least three challenges for Jews in America read more>
Purim’s Heroes and Villains
28.02.2016, by Donniel Hartman
Purim’s Heroes and Villains - 2009 lecture recently found read more>
Haman the Amalekite and the Ethics of War and Vengeance
28.02.2016, by Daniel Statman
By “destroying and slaying” their enemies, Mordechai and the Jews of Persia, become, as it were, those who for the first time implemented the Mosaic commandment on a large scale. read more>
The Difference Between Netanyahu and Trump
25.02.2016, by Leon Wiener Dow
A missive to my progressive friends in the United States who dislike Israel’s elected leadership read more>
Proud Zionism: Navigating Commitment and Complexity
18.02.2016, by Elana Stein Hain
Elana Stein Hain speaks at the Manhattan Collaborative Lecture Series on ‘Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An iEngage Series,’ January 12, 2016 For more information about the lecture series: hartman.org.il/nycollaborative read more>
Balancing Self-Preservation and Other Moral Values
15.02.2016, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Lecture on the balance between security and morality, and the unique role of American Jews in shaping the conversation. Part of 2015-2016 NY Collaborative read more>
The Wall of Disputes
15.02.2016, by Ariel Picard
Forget the textbook on citizenship; bring students to the Western Wall. There they will realize what kind of world they are living in, and ask them this one question: After all of this, is it still possible to pray in this place? read more>
Jews and Muslims in America: Debate and Dialogue in an Age of Fear
14.02.2016, by Imam Abdullah Antepli and Yehuda Kurtzer
read more>
When Will The Left Start Talking About Israeli Trauma?
09.02.2016, by Yakir Englander
Without recognizing how deep-seated the trauma of ordinary Israelis really is, the Israeli peace camp will continue to be seen as elitist and disconnected read more>
Coping with Troubling Texts
08.02.2016, by Yehuda Kurtzer Haroon Moghul
Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, President of Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, Dr. Haroon Moghul, Fellow of the Institute`s Muslim Leadership Initiative, ‘I Have a Dream: Jews and Arabs in Israel’ - Sixth Annual David Hartman Memorial Conference for a Jewish-Democratic Israel, February 3, 2016 read more>
The Kotel Compromise: A time for Rejoicing
07.02.2016, by Denise L. Eger
The historic vote by the Israeli Cabinet to create and fund an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel, and the ongoing negotiations by the Reform movement in Israel and the United States are cause for celebration read more>
What’s Driving Israel’s Radical Settler Youth To Rebel?
31.01.2016, by Tomer Persico
Hilltop youth are taking the values they’ve been taught – settling across the West Bank, strict religious observance, an imperious attitude toward the Palestinians – to the extreme. In doing so, they are taking a page from European romanticism read more>
Getting Serious about BDS and Breaking the Silence
30.12.2015, by Donniel Hartman
We need an Israeli society that embodies a values discourse with which our friends in the West can identify read more>
Conversion and Jewish Identity
23.12.2015, by Avi Sagi
read more>
Muslims, Jews, and the Dangers of‘Meta-narratives’
13.12.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Donald Trump’s bellicose anti-Muslim rhetoric is frightening read more>
The Israel-Diaspora Hanukkah Divide
06.12.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Hanukkah needs to be about a victory for tolerance and the triumph of the weak read more>
Three Narratives of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
01.12.2015, by Micah Goodman
This talk by Micah Goodman explores the complex relationship between the political positions and Jewish worldviews of many Israelis. November 16, 2015, Herzl Ner-Tamid, Mercer Island, Washington State read more>
Evil and the Dangers of Political Correctness
23.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Political correctness, however, is not merely misdirecting our efforts; it is corrupting our moral compass read more>
On Terrorism and Nationalism, Reflections on Hanukkah in Light of the 20th Anniversary of the Rabin Assassination
19.11.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Part of the 5776 Rabbinic Holiday Webinar Series from the Shalom Hartman Institute read more>
The Unacknowledged Revolution in Jewish Life
16.11.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Speech to Jewish Federations of North America, General Assembly in Washington, DC, November 9, 2015 read more>
Jews and Muslims in America
16.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman and Imam Abdullah Antepli
Must the Children of Abraham Be Enemies? As the conflict in the Middle East continues to move from political to religious, Judaism and Islam increasingly see each other as ideological enemies. Donniel Hartman and Abdullah Antepli explore whether North American Jews and Muslims can engage in a conversation of mutual respect read more>
Reform Judaism and the Challenge of our Time
10.11.2015, by Leon Morris
Standing with and standing apart: Liberal Judaism must be able to say ‘this is the ideal we are striving for:’ We can`t always look to justify and sanctify exactly what most Jews currently do read more>
Justice and Righteousness: Core Principles and Dilemmas
02.11.2015, by Donniel Hartman
read more>
On Edge
28.10.2015, by Leon Wiener Dow
For those of us who have lived in Israel for a while, it is unnerving to discover just how unnerved the latest spate of violence has made us read more>
Arab Caregivers in our Children’s Schools - an Israeli-Jewish Reflection
26.10.2015, by Avital Hochstein
Some parents have called for the firing of Arab caretakers from our children’s schools. I understand the fear. Yet, I refuse to be quiet read more>
Keeping God on the Temple Mount
25.10.2015, by Avi Sagi
As the framers of Jewish law knew, a physical assault on the sacred mount would mean forfeiture of its religious significance; its transformation into another territorial space subject to the control of mankind read more>
Why Muslims Celebrate a Jewish holiday
22.10.2015, by Haroon Moghul
Muslims will be fasting this Friday. It’s Ashura, the 10th day of the first month on the Islamic calendar -- just like Yom Kippur on the Jewish one read more>
My Gun and I
18.10.2015, by Donniel Hartman
I know that my gun is not the answer. I know that my gun alone will not give me the safety and security for which I yearn. I know that my gun is dangerous. I know that it can delude me into a false sense of power, wherein as long as my gun is bigger the status quo is sustainable read more>
The Quest for Peace in Israel and Palestine — Reclaiming the Role of Religion
11.10.2015, by Yakir Englander
Our togetherness deepens in times of crisis between our beloved communities. We understand that only then can it be proudly said in heaven: “God saw all that he had made, and behold it was very good” read more>
Jewish Continuity, Between Crisis and Content
11.10.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
To thrive in America the Jewish people will need to see in their leaders the capability and commitment to provide answers read more>
For Sukkot: A Theology of Rain
30.09.2015, by Lauren Berkun
In Florida, I have reflected often on the ways in which Judaism invests rain with religious meaning. Prayers for rain mark the culmination of the High Holiday season read more>
Tzedek and Tzedakah: A Heroic Tax Reform Initiative
30.09.2015, by Noam Zion
A medieval rabbi builds "a city of justice and tzedakah" by rescuing the poor read more>
Diaspora Jewry and Israel: Rethinking the Partnership
30.09.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Rather than diminish and disappear, Jewish communities around the world have grown and prospered. What has changed is their relationship to Israel read more>
On Yom Kippur: Prostrating and Bowing before the Hidden Name of God
21.09.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
The Origin and Spiritual Significance of a Liturgical Gesture read more>
Three Metaphors for Yom Kippur
20.09.2015, by Dr. Ruth Calderon
First of 4 5776 Hartman Rabbinic Webinars read more>
Where’s the Jewish Morality in Decision to Shun Syrian Refugees?
17.09.2015, by Tomer Persico
It’s easy to tell ourselves we’re a chosen people, and therefore that we’re allowed to discriminate against others read more>
Haroon Moghul, Yehuda on American Muslims, Israel, Palestine, Iran
03.09.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Haroon Moghul talks to Yehuda Kurtzer, President of Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, about American Muslims and American Jews, Israel and Palestine, the Iran Deal, foreign policy and our domestic futures read more>
Embodied Optimism
01.09.2015, by Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield
The realm of possibility opens up when we transform a series of small movements into unexpected and extraordinary outcomes read more>
Three Gifts for Yom Kippur
31.08.2015, by Noam Zion
To our Hartman rabbis - from the tales of the Talmudic rabbis, compiled and edited by Noam Zion read more>
Moving Beyond Our Comfort Zones: Seeking Signs of Peace in Israel and Palestine
30.08.2015, by Saud Anwar
My trips to the Middle East have unequivocally demonstrated that the place to begin is by getting to know the people. Sustaining the process is not about winning wars; it is about winning peace read more>
Righteousness, Justice by Sara Rae Perman
27.08.2015, by Summer 2015
We need to keep pursuing the right thing and keep working at justice. This means we need to reread, restudy, relearn our laws, whatever they may be read more>
Misunderstanding Diaspora Jewry
24.08.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
read more>
Afflict Your Soul, but Don’t You Dare Endanger Your Life
12.08.2015, by Noam Zion
The mitzvah of afflicting one’s soul does not undermine the principle that Shabbat and Yom Kippur and all of Jewish law, for that matter, are not intended by God to cause physical or emotional damage read more>
Dealing with the Violent Aspects of Our Jewish Tradition
11.08.2015, by Yakir Englander
After 2,000 years, today, Jews have power. It is our responsibility to decide how to use it. Will we use our power to act in the world, bringing balm to soothe the pain, or will we create suffering? read more>
Accept the Other? Actually, What Israel Needs Is Humane Behavior
09.08.2015, by Avi Sagi
Under the mechanism of rejecting and including, ‘others’ are judged, marked, restricted and arranged in a hierarchical order in relation to the ‘I’ read more>
On Tu B’Av: Remedying Biblical Trauma
03.08.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
A Roman foundation myth is highly reminiscent of the abduction of the dancing girls in the book of Judges: A closer look at the Talmud’s description of Tu B’Av reveals a revolutionary, therapeutic recasting of the traumatic biblical story read more>
Fixing the Brokenness on Tisha B’Av
03.08.2015, by Daniel Bogard and Karen Bogard
On Tisha B’Av, I invite all of us, Jewish and non-Jewish, to take a day of fasting and reflection, and to just cry for the brokenness all around us, remembering the teaching from the Book of Exodus: that the liberation from slavery in Egypt first had to begin with us crying out read more>
Tisha B’Av: Jerusalem was Destroyed Because of Mere Foolishness
23.07.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
A society that intensifies arguments and turns small or big differences between its parts into fundamental issues tears itself apart read more>
We Need Radical Pluralism
19.07.2015, by Amy Joy Small
The strength of the American Jewish community and Israel depends upon a commitment to maximize shared learning and experiences. The more we do together across lines of affiliation and organization, expanding Jewish discourse, the more likely those “giant steps backwards” will be reversed read more>
On Iran, From Hebron
19.07.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The only way I see forward is to negotiate, to agitate, to activate, to legislate, to investigate — perhaps once in a while, to pause and meditate — to do the kinds of actions in the world that make hope, “Hatikvah,” something which is neither banal nor messianic read more>
Why is Religion Awakening in Secular Israel, India and Algeria?
13.07.2015, by Tomer Persico
In a new book, political theorist Michael Walzer suggests that the reason lies in these countries` founding fathers’ derision of ancient tradition. But there’s another possibility, too read more>
Shas, Reform Jews and our Inheritance
09.07.2015, by Steven Moskowitz
In response to the critique of Reform Jews, Steve Moskowitz says no one can be written out of the Jewish people. Our tradition is the inheritance of all read more>
We Cannot Call You ‘Minister’
09.07.2015, by Ken Chasen Yoshi Zweiback
Our sense of hevruta - fellowship - was deeply shaken when we heard the Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs, David Azoulay, say publicly that, regarding a Reform Jew, “I cannot permit myself to say that he is a Jew.” read more>
Pay Attention to your Souls
29.06.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
Bonna Devora Haberman worked day and night to improve our world read more>
Israeli Rock Music’s Spiritual New Sound
25.06.2015, by Yossi Klein Halevi
After years of siege, a growing movement of musicians is turning to Judaism for inspiration read more>
Vol. 1, No. 4: Should Israel Speak for the Jewish People?
21.06.2015, by Call & Responsa
V. 1, N. 4
Featuring Yehuda Kurtzer and responses by rabbis Janet Marder and Marion Lev Cohen, and Jeremy Burton of Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council
read more>
Build Power ‘With,’ not Over, to Speak for Jews
21.06.2015, by Call & Responsa
Jeremy Burton, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, discusses the questions raised in Call & Responsa 4: Should Israel Speak for the Jewish People? read more>
Exercise the Right to Speak With Extreme Care
21.06.2015, by Call & Responsa
It might not even be desirable for the Jewish people to speak with one voice, because Jewish tradition values debate over consensus and uniformity read more>
Priestly or Prophetic Voice? Jewish World’s Leaders Must Choose
21.06.2015, by Call & Responsa
Given the divisive state of the Jewish community, this delicate task is exceedingly difficult to achieve, yet is required of any Jewish leader – Israeli or otherwise, who lays claim to speaking on behalf of the Jewish people read more>
Your Responses to the Question of Whether Israel Should Speak for the Jewish People
21.06.2015, by Call & Responsa
We posed a provocative question: Should Israel Speak for the Jewish People? Your responses have been fascinating read more>
Navigating Existential Divides
01.06.2015, by Yossi Klein Halevi
Our challenge is how to remain faithful to our most deeply held truths about Israel’s predicament, while remaining faithful to our mutual covenant as a people. Navigating this dilemma will require all our wisdom as an ancient people that has known how to overcome both external threat and suicidal schism read more>
The Politics of Loyalty
31.05.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The new/old Zionist conversation will be and must be even messier than it already is, and our community must foster more comfort than the politics of loyalty generally allow with the anxieties this messiness engenders read more>
The New Danger for Israel on Campus
31.05.2015, by Donniel Hartman
When confronting an outside foe, the battle lines are clear. But when the challenge is alienation and loss of sense of purpose within our community, there is no simple or short-term fix. We need not merely to protect our students, we need to find new ways to engage with them and to have them engage with the ideas of Israel read more>
Conflict Among Jews
26.05.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
An introduction to the Berman Jewish Policy Archive`s Reader`s Guide read more>
The Israeli Electorate has Moved to the Center
25.05.2015, by Alexander Yakobson
read more>
Shavuot. Pentecost. Harvest. First Fruits. Revelation at Sinai. Holy Spirit. Torah.
21.05.2015, by Marcie Lenk
Jews and Christians who celebrate Shavuot and Pentecost are celebrating the idea that revelation means God’s words are within each of us, giving us the ability and the responsibility to translate those words to those around us read more>
Fire in a Crowded Alley
18.05.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
The decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to permit the Jerusalem Day march through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City – where it has notoriously bred nationalist violence against the property of its residents, and spread terror and fear in its wake – is deeply disappointing read more>
Rejoicing in the Death of One’s Enemy
13.05.2015, by Daniel Statman
Each human being has irreplaceable value, has dignity, the loss of which should always be a matter of concern read more>
Shavuot: Megillat Ruth and ‘Matan Torah’ to the World
11.05.2015, by Micah Goodman
There is nothing in Exodus about a universal mission of spreading Torah to the other nations read more>
Lafer Lecture: Israel - The Need for a New Conversation
10.05.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Inaugural Fred Lafer Memorial Lecture, April 26, 2015 read more>
Silence is Not OK When Torah is Painful
05.05.2015, by Steve Greenberg
It’s not OK to be silent when people are hurting read more>
The Ethics of Public Leadership: Who Speaks for the Jews?
29.04.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer and Jeremy Burton
A public conversation on the question of "Who Speaks for the Jews?" read more>
Crossing Over: Jewish Survival and the Paradox of Boundaries
27.04.2015, by Lauren Berkun
Rabbi Lauren Berkun, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, Director of Rabbinic and Synagogue Programs, April 19, 2015. Her lecture, titled, Crossing Over: Jewish Survival and the Paradox of Boundaries, at Temple Beth Am, Los Angeles, was the sixth and final lecture in the series, Inside, Outside, In Between: Jewish Peoplehood Today: The Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collaborative Lecture Series read more>
Israel at 67: Glorious and Frightening, Inspiring and Exasperating
21.04.2015, by Leon Morris
We need the faith to believe that this could be the best place and the best time in Jewish history to be a Jew read more>
Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Idiosyncratic Titan of Israeli Modern Orthodoxy
21.04.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Even when religious Zionism was deservedly vulnerable, Rav Aharon offered no apologetics read more>
The Ethics of Memory: Religious Amnesia and Social Justice
20.04.2015, by Prof. Menachem Fisch
Shavuot is not the holiday of matan Torah – this historical linkage entered our tradition later on – but rather a national festival read more>
Yom Ha’atzmaut - Between Redemption and Nakba
19.04.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Yom Ha’atzmaut - Between Redemption and Nakba: Living Within Two Competing Narratives, the final of four rabbinic webinars of 5775 (2014-2015) read more>
Pesach: A Tale of Two Stories
05.04.2015, by Donniel Hartman
More than any other holiday, Pesach is about remembering and passing that memory down to the next generation. Every Jew is commanded to see themselves as if they came out of Egypt, and to tell their Egypt story to their children read more>
How Does One Celebrate Freedom?
02.04.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
Passover is the holiday of freedom. A person or a society are free when they are on their own, not subject to any other authority. But the meaning of freedom can be grasped in different and even contradictory ways read more>
The Ancestral Homeland is Moving to Our House
01.04.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Yehuda Kurtzer`s musings on taking over Passover from his mom in a piece from The Forward`s "Who Sets The Table?" project read more>
The People have Spoken; it’s Time to Speak to the People
29.03.2015, by Donniel Hartman
The success of toxic electioneering signifies the advent of a battle over the very soul of the Jewish State read more>
Hearing is not Believing
29.03.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Next time a politician makes an impromptu gaffe, ask yourself hard questions before you yell gotcha read more>
Israel 2015 Election Webinar Video Replay
17.03.2015, by Donniel Hartman Yossi Klein Halevi
HD recording of the 2015 Election Webinar featuring Donniel Hartman and Yossi Klein Halevi read more>
The State of the Jewish People, 2015
12.03.2015, by Yossi Klein Halevi
The fifth lecture in the Westside Los Angeles Synagogue Collaborative Lecture Series, "Inside, Outside, In Between" read more>
Zionism, Minorities, and Loyalties
10.03.2015, by Elana Stein Hain Matti Friedman
Video panel discussion featuring Elana Stein Hain and Matti Friedman from Fifth Hartman Conference for a Jewish Democratic Israel, March 9, 2015 read more>
All Are Welcome But Some Are Not
03.03.2015, by Call & Responsa
David-Seth Kirshner: Judaism seems to be creating a similar metaphor today with every stream and stripe focusing on inclusion and making the “other” feel welcome, yet internally many are using language that shuts out people who are not in sync with their views and beliefs read more>
‘Anti-Israel’ Sentiment May Express Something Deeply Jewish
03.03.2015, by Call & Responsa
Batsheva Meiri: Extreme polarization around issues facing Israel is one of the most difficult challenges our Jewish communities in North America face read more>
Medinat Yisrael and the Contemporary Jewish Identity
03.03.2015, by Call & Responsa
Denise Eger: I think there is room in the American Jewish community, just as there is within Israel, to oppose the policies of any particular prime minister and his or her cabinet read more>
What Core Issues Define Membership in the Jewish People?
01.03.2015, by Call & Responsa
V. 1, N. 3
Featuring Prof. Suzanne Stone and responses by rabbis Batsheva Meiri, David-Seth Kirshner, and Denise Eger
read more>
Big Data: Law, Randomness and Choice in Esther
24.02.2015, by Mishael Zion
The Scroll of Esther is the Biblical book which comes closest to describing our current reality read more>
Can Zionists and Muslims Talk? The Reasons for MLI
12.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
One of the central goals of the Hartman Institute is to create a Judaism open to the world and to the best ideas of modernity. At the Institute we work very hard to recognize, confront and overcome the narrowness, bigotry and moral failings within the Jewish community. In MLI, I saw partners to a similar quest and felt a deep affinity with them read more>
Zionism as the New Form of Peoplehood
11.02.2015, by Micah Goodman
The fourth lecture in the Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collective Lecture Series, "Inside, Outside, In Between: Jewish Peoplehood Today" read more>
Talking about Israel: The Need for a New Conversation
09.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Instead of uniting us, Israel now divides us. How do we develop a new way of talking about Israel and what should be the boundaries of this conversation? read more>
An Election of Jewish Values
08.02.2015, by Donniel Hartman
It has been a long time since we had an election as important to the future of Israel. Our vote will not be about a peace agreement, but rather on the values that would lead to it read more>
Between Dignity and Deceit: Ancient Principles and Modern Challenges
06.02.2015, by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
Even if one could get away with something unethical, with deceiving another person, it is incorrect, improper, barbaric and desecrates God’s name read more>
Looking Beyond Michelle Obama and Angela Merkel
01.02.2015, by Mijal Bitton
Instead of fixating over photos and appearances, how can we ensure that we judge leaders by their skills and activities, rather than what they look like? read more>
God After the Holocaust: A Faith of Question Marks
27.01.2015, by Shraga Bar-On
Maybe the post-Holocaust believer has 10 tons of pain, but four cubits of halakha, as was said after the destruction of the Second Temple read more>
Loyalty, Moral Clarity, and the Making of Community
21.01.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer
Addressing some of the communal challenges presented by this summer`s war in Gaza and the recent rise of tensions in Jerusalem read more>
Peoplehood and Controversy: How Should Jews Disagree?
20.01.2015, by Elana Stein Hain
The third lecture in the Los Angeles Westside Synagogue Collective Lecture Series, "Inside, Outside, In Between: Jewish Peoplehood Today" read more>
Talking About Israel: Jews and Christians
07.01.2015, by Yehuda Kurtzer and Judy Yates Siker
A conversation at the San Francisco JCC about the challenges of talking about Israel across faith communties read more>

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