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What Israel stands for always
Dear Rabbi Hartman, Of course you are rght Israel always stands alone in the world I remember your teachings as a Little boy in Montreal. Your teachings have been in my heart all these yearsa, please keep on keeping on and for keeping shabbat alive for me.
ROBERT LOVELL, CANADA, 28/10/2009 19:34:00
Mt. Horev
Why do you keep stating that Mt Horev is in the Sinai Peninsula? That land has always been Egyptian. Israel would still have been in Egypt!!! The holy mountain is in Arabia (presently Saudi Arabia), where the Midianites were.
Jose, Australia, NSW, 25/10/2009 18:04:00
Remembering Joshua
Unfortunately, the essay leaves an unpleasant “after-taste.” Especially after the recent Goldstone’s UN human rights report. Strange as it may seem, but the secular Israelis would more agree with the essay’s concept than the religious ones. I don’t think that today is time for T’shuva. It is time of Pikuach Nefesh – Danger to Soul – for there is an existential danger to Israel and our Soul. In such a time, self-defense makes other commandments void. Why have we so easily forgotten Amalek? It is around us today – everywhere! Yes, Sinai! But remembering Joshua.
Genrich, Krasko, 22/10/2009 18:34:00
Jews and T`shuva
There are 2 Tochachas (curses against the Jewish people) in the Torah. THe first was lifted when the Jews did t`shuva in Babelon. The rabbis were puzzled by what kind of t`shuva is needed top lift the second. In the final chapters of the Torah the hint is given when it says that stones must be inscribed with the words of the Torah in the entrance to Israel which have been inscribed without the use of iron. This means that the t`shuva must be made by the whole world and the Jews must interact with the whole world to cause it to happen. Because then there will be no more war and no one will oppose the return of the Jewish people to Israel. As the prophet says the world must turn its swords into plowshares. Only then will a meaningful t`shuva be accomplished in the eyes of Hashem.
jerri i, USA, 18/10/2009 03:49:00
Auswitz or Sinai
No doubt the collective suffering of the Palestinians is greater than the sufferings of current living Israelis
F Yngvason, Iceland, 17/10/2009 23:44:00
sinai covenant
the history of the Jewish people is a long list of untold sufferings of slavery in Egypt, the exile to Babylon until the drama of the `Holocaust. From 1948 on the land promised to Abraham was built a nation that has the task of honoring the special relationship with his God
renato brandolese, italia, 14/10/2009 14:53:00
Auschwitz and Sinaן
While I quite agree with Dr. HARTMAN`s statements about Sinaן`s covenant, I am baffled by the fact that he doesn`t take into account the fact that no Palestinian leader is prepared to recognize the jewishness of the State of Israכl. Is the presence of part of the Jewish people in the Land of Promise legitimate or not ? The stubbornness of the Arab leaders regarding this particular aspect of the problem cannot lead to any kind of peace in a foreseeable future, alas !
Leon MASLIAH, FRANCE, 12/10/2009 17:58:00
Hartman on Holocaust
Omein. I found it odd that so many in the Jewish world criticized Obama for linking Israel and the Holocaust when we have been doing it so much ourselves. Obama didn`t invent the march of the living etc.
Louis Greenspan, Canada, 12/10/2009 03:23:00
I have read quite a few articles on Auschwitz and Sinai before but this article integrates the both very meaningfully and provides a new dimension to the sustenance of Israel.
Achyuta Madabushi, India, 09/10/2009 22:11:00
Auscwitz and Sinai
Beautiful essay. Deserves wide distribution.We need to be reminded that the seminal event in Jewish history was the willing acceptance of the Commandments.
B.H., USA, 09/10/2009 17:59:00
Allow for a moment some comparisons!
Although I would be the first to place Zionism at the top of the pyramid of Jewish values, despite the holocaust great influence, do allow for a moment some comparison. Is this really anything new in Jewish thinking? compared to the incessant pogroms,the Crusades, the inquisition, the persecutions faces by Rabi Akiva and his fellows???
Shmuel Oliven, Israel, 08/10/2009 17:04:00
Auschfitz or sinai
I read your interesting article, and I quiet understand your perspective. At present time, It seems that Israel faces the test of of its life time. In my view the challenges of an illusive peace and real threats are overwhelming, and soul searching of the national psyche is part of it.
Kamal Tadros, Australia, 08/10/2009 10:39:00
The Sinai Covenant
I love the Shalom Hartman Institute essays and lectures. They spur me to think in multi-faceted ways. As a brief comment on this essay, I`d like to suggest adding the words, "and mercy" after the word, "justice" in Dr. David Hartman`s summary statments, 5th paragraph from bottom. I think that as a pair the two words better umbrella what Dr. Hartman brings out here as important in the memory of our covenant at Sinai, in continuing our work to build a healthy new society in modern Israel: "... ... In being open and appreciative of criticism, regardless of its source, we demonstrate that we seek to walk humbly and responsibly before the Lord of all creation, who demands that Israel bear witness to the demands of justice [and mercy] within an imperfect world. ... ."
Meira Drager nee Olson, US/Israel, 06/10/2009 23:45:00
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