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Israel hater do not need a reason
Even if there were no settlements or continued Israel presence in the West Bank the BDS and the Israel Apartheid Weeks would continue. For example, in Malasia where there are no Jews, Israel has become an election issue. The question that should be asked is: If Israel were to destroy its settlements and 100% leave the West Bank would the Arabs be content and sign a peace treaty with Israel. Unfortunately, as has been proven in the past, e.g. Munich in 1938, yielding to these type of demands does not yield peace but rather leads to conflict.
stan, Israel, 25/02/2012 11:39:00
On establishing legitimacy.
Whether the worldwide BDS movement has any validity or not is beside the point. And how its message can be amplified or muted is never the real issue here. The legitimacy of Israel itself is the only question worthy of debate and the whole edifice must then stand or fall upon that determination. Anything else is mere sophistry and wishful-thinking. Is Israel truly a legitimate state, entitled to be recognised and treated as such? Some would say yes; some say no and others have yet to decide. Might it not be the result of mostly 20th century stratagems and policies, a period in history that has created and redefined so many of today`s national boundaries? Here, it might be observed, the more familiar instruments of war rather than those of peace had much to say in such arrangements. Or can an authentic link be traced back to some divine being, omniscient and wise, whose choice in the matter may still resonate and carry weight even to this day? From the foregoing, it appears that there are just too many competing agendas and considerations for any real chance of discovering whatever truth remains to be found. In which case, the best course of action may involve establishing an entirely new truth, one that is bang up-to-date and much more relevant in this modern era of mass communication and worldwide opinion. Http;//yorketowers.blogspot.com Other than this, I can see no practical end to the present situation. And such an outcome cannot reflect well on all or any of us.
John Yorke, UK, 23/02/2012 22:59:00
"the morality and integrity of your policies (in the face of immense challenges), rather than the slickness of your talking points and PR campaigns, is the better protector of Israel’s legitimacy - not to mention its future. When you start concentrating on the "morality" of your message we may hear you better. You have my email. Let`s communicate.
Morton Nadler, USA, 23/02/2012 22:42:00
The 800 lb. gorillas in
the room are (a) the settlements, and (b) the continued occupation. Outside of Israel they are a REALLY tough sell. (and arguably will become even more problematic)
Herkemer, usa, 23/02/2012 00:12:00

Dr. Tal Becker is a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, a senior fellow of the Hartman Institute's iEngage Project, and principal deputy legal adviser at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Becker hosted the Shalom Hartman Institute's Engaging Israel video webinar series. Click here for more information.

Read Tal Becker's complete biography here.

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