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Bring Hartman to Your Community with Video Lecture Series
Date: Ongoing
Video Lecture Series allows rabbis and lay leaders to bring the scholarship and resources of the Hartman Institute into their congregations, fostering high-level adult education. read more>
Building Foundations for a New Phase of Growth
Date: July 1, 2019
Exciting new plans will expand our reach and bring Hartman Torah to more people in more places in North America than ever before. Torah is a growth industry! read more>
Live Webinar on Sept. 17, Israel’s Second Election Day
Date: September 17, 2019
A replay of the Hartman Institute Election Day webinar featuring Donniel Hartman, Yossi Klein Halevi, and Tehila Friedman discussing poll results will go online soon. read more>
Live Webinar on 2019’s Second Israeli Election Day
Date: September 17, 2019
A replay of the live webinar program about the second round of Israeli elections of September 17 will be posted online shortly read more>
Watch Video of Sept. 5 Holiday Webinar with Micah Goodman
Date: September 5, 2019
In advance of the High Holidays, Micah Goodman revisits the greatest question of theodicy with a fresh perspective on the Book of Job, recorded live in Jerusalem on September 5. read more>
Elul Beit Midrash on Sunday, September 15 in New York
Date: September 15, 2019
A day of transformative study examining the tension between the individual and the collective experience of the High Holidays, with sessions led by David Hartman Center Fellows. read more>
Yehuda Kurtzer to Keynote NY-Israel LGBTQ Symposium
Date: September 22, 2019
Inaugural New York-Israel LGBTQ Symposium on Sunday, September 22 will discuss topics ranging from transgender equality, religious inclusion, youth, and health. read more>
Explore Divine and Human Authority on Sept 24 in New York
Date: September 24, 2019
Join Elana Stein Hain on September 24 for a pre-high holiday beit midrash exploring the deep relationship between the rabbinic court system and God’s system of justice. read more>
Save the Date! Summer 2020 programs for Lay Leaders & Rabbis
Date: June 25-July 18, 2020
Join lay leaders and rabbis in Jerusalem next summer! Community Leadership Program (CLP) June 24-July 1, 2020 and Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS) July 7-16, 2020. read more>
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