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A Double-Edged Sword: Military Activism in the Thought of Religious Zionism
One of the most dramatic changes in Jewish history, in our collective consciousness and in our self identity since the days of Bar Kochba, is the fact that in the reality of a Jewish state, a significant portion of the population is willing once again to bear weapons in an organized fashion, to make use of military power and to take part in war. Dr. Elie Holzer is a lecturer in the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University and is a research fellow at the Mandel Institute for Jewish Education at Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts
2009 Hebrew NIS 68
Neither Canaanites nor Crusaders
Neither Canaanites nor Crusaders presents pioneering research that seeks to decipher the “mythical order” of the Israeli “community of common experience.” The two most daring readings of Israeli national essence were the Canaanite narrative and the crusader narrative. The 1920’s Cannanite movement advocated the abrogation of the Jewish religious tradition and the adoption of a “Hebraic Identity” based on a pan-Mesopotamian culture steeped in ancient Semitic heroic myths. The mythological structure of Zionism as a modern crusade described Israeli national essence as a Western colonial project destined to inanity. This book offers an original perspective that follows the development of the Israeli consciousness, describes deep structures and collective mental states, and contextualizes “Israeliness” by time and place.
2008 Hebrew NIS 70
Herzl Then and Now: An Ancient Jew, a New Man (Vol. 1)
By Avi Sagi
Benjamin Zeev Herzl claimed that releasing the Jew from the chains of the ancient Jewish identity would enable him to rebuild his life as a new, free and autonomous man who could shape his own destiny. This stood in contrast to the “ancient ” Jew, whose destiny was shaped by others. He strove to bequeath to his “ancient ” nation the enlightenment, modernization and technology developing at the turn of 19th century Europe. This book inspects whether the dramatic installments in the 20th century Jewish journey - exile, the Holocaust, revival and sovereignty – prove that Herzl was correct. Herzl ’s philosophy and his enigmatic personality are examined by some of Israel`s finest researchers in an effort to check whether the choice between the “new man ” and the “ancient Jew ” is necessary, and whether it is feasible to integrate these two possibilities in our private and public lives.
2008 Hebrew NIS 65
The Jewish State in the Jewish State: Herzl’s World in Contemporary Perspectives (Vol. 2)
By Avi Sagi
Benjamin Zeev Herzl wrote the utopian “Altneuland,” about which he determined, “If you will it, it is no dream,” and described the principles of the state he dreamed about in his book “The Jewish State.” And yet, in the actual Jewish State, is the utopian realized or does it remain in the realm of a literary legend? This book’s articles deal with the gap between the Herzlian hope and the Israeli existence as it takes expression in different aspects of public life: education, law, welfare, privatization, employment, and peoplehood. Some of Israel’s top researchers examine the fascinating intersection of dream and reality, examining through Herzl’s eyes the Israeli reality as it struggles with difficult decisions, and examining through their own Israeli eyes the Herzlian utopia
2008 Hebrew NIS 65
Havruta 1: Membership and Conversion
Membership and Conversion
Introduction to Havruta, By Stuart Schoffman; Covenant and moral sensibility: An interview with David Hartman; Sharing Jewish space: Membership, conversion, and the search for community, By Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman; Membership: An arcane debate turned a searing headline, a symposium featuring commentary by A.B. Yehoshua, Michael Walzer, Binyamin Ish-Shalom, Einat Ramon, Avi Sagi, Zvi Zohar, Ed Feinstein, Benjamin Lau, David Ellenson; Ritual, renewal, and prophecy: Visions of an old-new age, By Jonathan Garb; The Jewish poet and the Jewish prime minister; Beyond apologetics: Orthodox feminism in the 21st century, By Hannah Kehat; Philistines and the future of Zionism: The redemptive scenario of Rabbi Zvi Tau, By Yoske Achituv; ‘Tough are gerim’: Conversion to Judaism in medieval Europe, By Avraham Reiner
2008 English
At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden
By Yossi Klein Halevi
At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden describes the unprecedented journey by a religiously observant Israeli Jew into the closed worlds of Christianity and Islam in Israel and the territories. For more than a year, following the Christian and Muslim sacred holidays, Yossi Klein Halevi attempted to discover whether religious people of different faiths could experience something of God’s presence together in this land.
2006 Hebrew NIS 55
Religion Without Illusion: An Inquiry into the Thought of Soleveitchick, Leibowitz, Goldman and Hartman
Religion without Illusion tests the insights and the practicalities of religious Judaism in relation to postmodernism. The first part of the book discusses post-modern thought, while the second part examines the religious philosophies of R. Soleveitchik, Prof. Leibowitz, Prof. Goldman and R. Prof. David Hartman. A consideration of these thinkers` philosophies reveals a Judaism that shies away from any human attempt to understand reality from a divine viewpoint. Click here to see more.
2005 Hebrew NIS 60
Choosing Survival: Strategies for a Jewish Future
Suffering has always been a central ingredient in the self understanding of the Jewish nation and its identity. The decline of real Jewish suffering raises a series of questions regarding the survival of the Jewish nation and Jewish identity. The authors deal bravely and originally with these questions, studying and critiquing both the Jewish-Israeli reality and American Jewry. This book examines strategies to halt this process of erosion in both Israel and in the USA and even to bring about a revival in Jewish tradition and identity.
2005 Hebrew NIS 60
A Challenge: Returning to Tradition
Avi Sagi
By Avi Sagi
This book attempts to analyze anew the notion of tradition and its manifestations in the Jewish experience. Sagi challenges the classical view of tradition as comprising a complete submission to the past, a lack of dynamism and life and no reflective criticism, claiming that this image is but a new modernist myth created in order to eliminate tradition from modern existence. The book, carrying out a dialogue with contemporary Jewish thinkers, reveals the dynamic, open and critical character of tradition, revealing it as a continuous dialogue between the past and present that recognizes the complexity of human life.
2003 Hebrew NIS 75
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