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Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Through the study of Jewish narratives about Israel and the unpacking of the complex meanings of peace in Jewish tradition, participants are invited to explore the ideas and values that animate different attitudes toward the conflict and how these values shape their own political understandings. Though a common political platform may not be attainable, this course strives to achieve a shared respect for our differences.

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2016 English $ 500
iEngage: The Tribes of Israel: A Shared Homeland for a Divided People
What is the significance of the State of Israel as a Jewish public sphere? The focus of this second Engaging Israel series is to confront the challenge of creating a Jewish and democratic public space in the modern State of Israel – a shared common space for a people divided along tribal affiliations: religious, ideological, national and geographic. The Tribes of Israel begins a conversation to restructure the relationship between the collective and the individual "tribes" that comprise it – a relationship where tribal affiliations, convictions, and rights are balanced against collective consciousness and identity.
Each unit in the iEngage series includes a lecture by Donniel Hartman followed by an interview with subject experts.
2013 English $ 500
Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship
Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship is a series of nine lectures and conversations with Hartman Institute scholars led by Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman that responds to growing feelings of disenchantment and disinterest toward Israel among an ever-increasing number of Jews worldwide by creating a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life. Lecture and discussion participants include Dr. Tal Becker, Yossi Klein-Halevi, Rabbi Dr. Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Prof. Gil Troy and others. The Engaging Israel video series comes with one source book. Click here to read more about the Engaging Israel Project
2013 English $ 500
Peoplehood and Its Role and Significance in Jewish Life
Senior Hartman Institute faculty members delve into the idea of Jewish Peoplehood - its complex origins, its implications and how it might be sustained. An issue of wide concern in the Jewish community today, the concept of a “Jewish collective” appears at odds with a contemporary ethos of intense individualism.
This video lecture series presents a broad and deep analysis of some of the tensions that Peoplehood raises in classical Jewish tradition and contemporary Jewish thought and life.
The Lecture Series and accompanying curricular study materials are designed to be used by a rabbi or educator with a group of lay leaders in a weekly or monthly study program. The rabbi/educator serves as the lead teacher, utilizing the materials and lectures as best suited for his/her community, preparing the participants for the lecture by studying the texts and reading the supplementary materials in advance, either in a separate session, or in a shorter 45-minute preparatory session.
The Peoplehood Video Lecture Series includes nine curricular units containing video lectures on DVD and USB, Source Book including all texts referenced in the lectures, plus additional supplementary sources and recommended background readings. The package includes one book for the leader; additional books for participants may be purchased for $20 each including shipping. Leader’s Guide: Lecture summaries, suggested questions for guiding hevruta study and group discussion, supplementary source descriptions, and advice on structuring and teaching the course.
2013 English $ 500
Dilemmas of Faith
In an age of radical polarization in modern society, with a rise in religious fundamentalism on the one hand and a rise of atheism on the other, how does Jewish tradition approach dilemmas of faith?
In this series, Hartman scholars explore the foundational issue of faith, engaging in broad and deep analysis of some of the many dilemmas that faith in the modern world raises. Based on classical Jewish tradition and contemporary Jewish thought and life, the Dilemmas of Faith curriculum addresses the big questions raised by the intersection of faith and reason, faith and history, faith and politics, and the faith experience.
The Video Lecture Series brings the world-renowned faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute into partnership with community rabbis and educators across North America to create a customized course of study that provides relevant, contemporary approaches to the urgent challenges facing the Jewish people.
The series includes ten curricular units on DVD or USB, a sourcebook, and a Leader’s Guide.
2013 $ 500
Images of Israel
Images of Israel is a six-part adult study program that empowers groups of Christians to have a robust experience in learning about Israel in its complexity, while bringing Christian theology and values into the conversation. As part of the New Paths: Christians Engaging Israel project, the heart of Images of Israel is engagement. Participants work with texts, ideas, images, fellow learners, and leaders to explore Israel—as a state, as a people, as a nation, and as a land—and to clarify the commitment of Christians to work for justice and peace among Palestinians and Jews.
Images of Israel includes six units containing a total of 14 video interviews and presentations including "A Walk on the Via Dolorosa," "Intersecting Holiness at the Temple Mount," and interviews with Israeli and Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders.
2013 English $ 67
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