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Hartman Institute Launches New Study of Jewish Media
01.12.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The purpose of the new research project is to identify the challenges that Jewish media professionals from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia face when reporting on local communities, Jewish issues worldwide, and Israel. The project’s goal is to increase awareness of the unique issues facing Jewish media in the Diaspora in order to strengthen and assist them in conducting their important work read more>
Menachem Fisch Wins Prestigious Research Award
24.11.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The award from Humboldt Foundation is given to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future read more>
Hartman Institute Explores Hanukkah
22.11.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Take a deeper look at Hanukkah, a holiday often misunderstood, with these articles and video offerings from Shalom Hartman Institute scholars read more>
Spreading the Light at Hanukkah
22.11.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Take a look at the special collection of Hanukkah content we have created for you, a gift for each day of Hanukkah read more>
Hanukkah Webinar on Dec. 14 Features Dani Segal
21.11.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Explore the relationship between the private and public, the home and the world outside, through the practice of lighting candles inside that must be seen from the street. read more>
Register Now for #HartmanSummer 2017 Programs
03.11.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Community Leadership Program and Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar June-July 2017 in Jerusalem. Explore dilemmas of contemporary Jewish life through lectures, seminars, day trips, and special programs. read more>
Donniel Hartman on Speaking Tour in US for AIPAC
26.10.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Donniel Hartman will be speaking and meeting with rabbis, rabbinical students, and community leaders as part of a series of presentations sponsored by AIPAC, beginning Oct. 31, 2016 read more>
Summer 2016 HART Talks Videos Now Available
20.10.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Watch videos of Hartman and affiliated scholars and speakers discuss Challenges of American Jewish Identity and Challenges of Israeli Identity in a special ‘HART Talks’ format read more>
Hartman Explores the High Holidays: Days of Awe 5777
06.10.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
New material in this collection of classic Hartman Institute learning includes an essay by Elana Stein Hain, a video from Dr. Ruth Calderon, and articles by participants in Institute rabbinical programs read more>
Hartman Institute Mourns the Passing of Shimon Peres
28.09.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Shimon Peres, 1923-2013. Shalom Hartman Institute mourns the passing of a visionary leader, former Prime Minister, former President, and Nobel Peace Prize winner. May his memory be a blessing read more>
Hartman and HaMidrasha at Oranim Ordain Rabbis at Jerusalem Ceremony
21.09.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The Beit Midrash for Israeli Rabbis, a project of Shalom Hartman Institute and HaMidrasha at Oranim ordained its first cohort of 16 rabbis on September 20, 2016, at Hartman Institute in Jerusalem read more>
Hartman Institute Receives $1 Million Toward Israel Education on West Coast Campuses
13.09.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Jim Joseph Foundation grant supports expansion of “iEngage on Campus” to West Coast and launch of new programs from Washington to Southern California. read more>
Fall 2016 Retreat Announced for Rabbinical Students in Jerusalem
31.08.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rabbinical students in Jerusalem from different denominations and countries are invited to a weekend retreat from October 27-29, 2016, at the Shalom Hartman Institute to study Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict read more>
Hartman Explores the Holidays: Tisha B’Av
07.08.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Tisha B’Av in 2016 / 5776 begins Saturday night, August 13. Here is a collection of articles and commentaries by Shalom Hartman Institute scholars and participants in our programs on the meanings we can find in this day read more>
HartmanSummer Participants Write About their Experiences
18.07.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rabbis and community leaders in HartmanSummer 2016 programs in Jerusalem write enthusiastically about how they were inspired, moved, educated, and challenged during their time at the Institute. read more>
U.S. Christian Leaders Begin Year-long Study of Judaism in Israel
13.07.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
AJC and the Shalom Hartman Institute are pleased to welcome the 23 prominent North American Christian leaders that will comprise Cohort V of the Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI), an intensive 13-month educational program on Judaism, a partnership with AJC read more>
Nine Countries, 31 States and Provinces Represented at Hartman Summer
22.06.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
This year’s attendees, among the most diverse ever, comprise individuals from 31 US states and Canadian provinces, Brazil, Netherlands, Australia, and more read more>
‘Putting God Second’ Reviewed in NY Times
14.06.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Donniel Hartman asks why Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are unable to create individuals with moral sensitivity and societies with the highest ethical standards read more>
Watch our Video Beeri Shavuot 5776 Newsletter
05.06.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
2015-2016 was exciting for the Be’eri Program for Pluralistic Jewish-Israeli Education, which continued to expand its reach and create a new focus on coexistence education
read more>
Jerusalem Day Articles from Shalom Hartman Institute
02.06.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Jerusalem Day marks the 1967 reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli rule. Read these recent and classic articles about Jerusalem from Shalom Hartman Institute
read more>
Shavuot as Seen by Hartman Scholars: Revelation and Modernity
30.05.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Essays and videos about Shavuot, the day in which Jews truly become the People of the Book. Shavuot 5776 learning at Hartman in Jerusalem, June 11-12 in English and Hebrew read more>
Donniel Hartman Receives Third Commonwealth Prize from Congregation Kehillath Israel, Brookline, MA
29.05.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The prize honored him as a ‘significant change-agent’ for the Jewish people read more>
Four Rabbinic Leadership Initiative Participants Named Among America’s ‘Most Inspiring’
16.05.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Forward editor Jane Eisner said American Jews crave spiritual leadership, whether it comes from a recent seminary graduate or one who has shepherded a congregation for decades
read more>
From Yom Hashoah to Yom Ha’atzmaut: Israel’s ‘High Holidays’
10.05.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Shalom Hartman Institute scholars explore the meaning of Israel’s Memorial Day and Independence Day
read more>
Hartman Institute Mourns Passing of Rabbi Ron Aigen, Z”L
09.05.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rabbi Ron Aigen of Montreal was an Institute Senior Rabbinic Fellow and participant in the third Rabbinic Leadership Initiative read more>
Learn About Yom Hashoah with Hartman Institute
28.04.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Study this solemn and meaningful day with us
read more>
Pesach’s Many Questions: An Introduction
07.04.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Pesach articles, videos, curricula, and more from Hartman Institute scholars
read more>
David Hartman and Hillary Clinton Onstage Together
03.04.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
David Hartman and Hillary Clinton appeared together at the 1995 UJA Lion of Judah Conference. This video, unseen for years, is now available for your viewing read more>
Leon Charney, 1938-2016, Interviews with David Hartman
23.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Leon Charney, a businessman, philanthropist, author, and media personality, who died March 21, 2016, at age 77, interviewed Institute founder Rabbi Prof. David Hartman numerous times for his syndicated TV program, ‘The Charney Report’ read more>
Not All American Jews Are Ashkenazi
13.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
SHI-North America Doctoral Fellow Mijal Bitton in ‘The Jewish Week’ on the experience of contemporary Sephardic communities in the US
read more>
‘Created Equal’ Named by Slingshot as Leading Innovative Program
13.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
New SHI-NA program listed in latest guide of leading Jewish innovations. Third mention for Hartman in six years
read more>
Shalom Hartman Institute of North America Announces Key New West Coast Hires
13.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
SHI North America continues West Coast expansion
read more>
HartmanSummer 2016: What is a Jew?
06.03.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Study with world-class faculty at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem
read more>
Hartman Institute Explores Purim, the ‘Strangest’ Holiday
28.02.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Is Purim just a time out, or does it offer an alternative worldview that can contribute to our self understanding?
read more>
Leading Higher Education Magazine Features Imam Abdullah Antepli, Muslim Leadership Initiative
01.02.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Imam Abdullah Antepli, co-director of the Institute’s Muslim Leadership Initiative
read more>
Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield Begins as Executive VP, SHI-North America
26.01.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Rachel will share in the leadership of the overall North America entity and in shaping the direction and growth of Hartman programs, its fundraising functions, and the Institute’s national presence
read more>
Can a Conversation about Israel be Apolitical?
05.01.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
San Diego begins a community-wide iEngage course read more>
Registration Open for Summer 2016 Hartman Programs in Jerusalem
04.01.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The 2016 theme is: “What is a Jew? - Dilemmas of Identity in the 21st Century”
read more>
iEngage Summer Internship Now Accepting Applications
04.01.2016, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Hartman Institute Mourns the Passing of Our Board Member Lester Pollack
15.12.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
May the memory of Lester Pollack be a blessing, and may his family find comfort among the mourners of Zion read more>
SHI-North America Seeking to Fill Several Positions
08.12.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
SF City Manager, Operations Manager, Program and Executive Assistant, Marketing Manager positions open read more>
2016 Summer Accommodations Information for Hartman Institute Visitors
26.11.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
To help you plan for your visit to Jerusalem this summer, here is information on where to stay while participating in Shalom Hartman Institute programs. read more>
Atlanta Retreat Connects Rabbis Across Denominational Lines
17.11.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The retreat, which featured SHI-North America scholars, ‘provided a rare opportunity to connect with one another across denominational and organizational lines’ read more>
SHI-NA Praises its Partner, Advancing Women Professionals, As It Closes
15.11.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Ha’aretz reports on the successes and the closing of Advancing Women Professionals, a U.S. Jewish women’s advocacy group. SHI-North America’s Elana Stein Hain, Director of Leadership Education, and Mijal Biton, Doctoral Fellow, spoke at the closing session read more>
Petition Urges Temple Mount Status Quo
26.10.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Dr. Ruth Calderon, Dov Elbaum, Rani Jaeger, and Ariel Picard want Israelis to ‘reject the call for Jews to go up and pray on the Temple Mount’
read more>
SHI North America Welcomes Five New York-Based Research Fellows
20.09.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
SHI-NA announces five scholars for the New York-based division of the Institute’s Kogod Research Center for Contemporary Jewish Thought read more>
Help Us Launch a Day Care and Learning Center for African Refugees
13.09.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The Hartman Institute has decided to establish a Day Care and Learning Center in Tel Aviv for children of African refugees aged 3-6. The Center will be launched in collaboration with the Elifelet organization, our hosts last summer, which cares for more than 600 children and infants read more>
‘Times of Israel’ Features Muslim Leadership Initiative
09.09.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
‘The Partnership: How a Bold American Imam and his Skeptical Israeli Host Bridged the Muslim-Jewish Chasm’ is an in-depth exploration of the creation and development of the Institute’s Muslim Leadership Initiative
read more>
Letter from the Be`eri Directors
read more>
Midrashiya High School for Girls
read more>
Min HaBe’erot - Jewish-Arab Coexistence Education Explores Ways to Live Together in Understanding and Respect
06.09.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Min HaBe’erot Initiative for Jewish-Arab Coexistence Education asserts that engaging with one’s identity and culture can reinforce a commitment to the moral values found in these traditions, positively affect the ways in which we deal with contemporary challenges, and emphasize rather than blur unique cultural identity read more>
Be`eri School for Teacher Education – Celebrating First Five Years
read more>
Be`eri-Israel Scouts Partnership for Jewish-Israeli Identity
read more>
Charles E. Smith High School for Boys and Midrashiya High School for Girls
read more>
Los Angeles Collaborative Series Collaborative Begins October 25, 2015
23.08.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Justice & Righteousness: The Ethical Agenda of the Jewish People. Lectures at six LA synagogues from October 2015 to April 2016 read more>
San Fernando Valley Collaborative Begins October 25, 2015
23.08.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
read more>
US Christian Leaders Complete Year-long Study of Judaism in Israel
13.07.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Sixteen prominent US Christian leaders will soon complete an intensive 13-month educational program on Judaism, as part of the Christian Leadership Initiative, a partnership of AJC and the Shalom Hartman Institute in Israel
read more>
Meet the 2015 iEngage Summer Interns
The 2015 Shalom Hartman Institute iEngage Summer Internship program is under way with 13 participants. The program brings together a select group of undergraduate students to live and work in Jerusalem read more>
Hartman Campus Professional Summer Program Starts Soon
30.06.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
"" read more>
Hartman Institute 2014 Annual Report Now Available
23.06.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Donniel Hartman from his annual letter: ‘The Institute is best grasped through the five central ideas that motivate and guide all of our research and educational activities’
read more>
Study Evening to Honor Belda Lindenbaum
17.06.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The evening in memory of Belda Kaufman Lindenbaum will take place on Monday, June 29, 2015, at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem, to honor her contributions to Jewish study and advancing the role of women in Orthodox Judaism read more>
Call & Responsa 4: Should Israel Speak for the Jewish People?
11.06.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Surprising and nuanced commentary by Yehuda Kurtzer and responses from Janet Marder, Marion Lev Cohen and Jeremy Burton
read more>
Longtime SHI Board Member Alvin Segal Receives Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew University
31.05.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
On May 31, 2015, Alvin Cramer Segal, OC, OQ, Treasurer and former Chairman of Canadian Friends of Shalom Hartman, is set to receive an honorary doctorate from Hebrew University. Earlier in May, Canadian Friends of Hebrew University presented Mr. Segal with its most prestigious honor, the Scopus Award
read more>
Hevruta Program Receives In-Depth Media Coverage
17.05.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Jewish news service describes program that ‘forges Israeli-American bonds’ among high school graduates
read more>
Former MK Ruth Calderon Joins Hartman Institute Faculty
13.05.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Former Yesh Atid Party Knesset Member has joined the Shalom Hartman Institute as an iEngage Project Fellow read more>
Min HaBe’erot Principals Meet President Rivlin
22.04.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Be’eri Partnership for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel - creating hope between Jews and Arabs in Israel - receives support from Israeli President
read more>
Be‘eri and Israel Scouts Partnership
A Pluralistic Educational Program for Youth-movement Leadership read more>
Be‘eri Informal Education
Be‘eri Expands Into The Field of Informal Education read more>
From Be‘eri To Hevruta
From Be‘eri To Hevruta-Going In The Right Direction read more>
Modi‘in Community Identity Program
Encouraging the Connection Between Students, Their City, and Their Community read more>
Temple Sinai Establishes Annual Fred Lafer Memorial Lecture
12.03.2015, by Donniel Hartman
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman to speak on April 26 about the need for a new conversation about Israel read more>
Summer 2015 Dates and Registration Set for Programs at Hartman Campus in Jerusalem
15.02.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Programs for community and rabbinic leaders from North America, Israel, and elsewhere begin June 23, 2015, and run through July
read more>
Shalom Hartman Institute Statement on the Murder of Three Muslim College Students in North Carolina
11.02.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
The Shalom Hartman Institute mourns the murder of three Muslim college students in North Carolina read more>
AJC, Hartman Host Christian Scholars Symposium in Tampa
01.02.2015, by Shalom Hartman Institute
Christian leaders and scholars gathered in Tampa, Fla., Jan 30-Feb 1, for the second Christian Leadership Initiative Alumni Study Symposium
read more>
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